The School Zone Publishing Company began as The School Zone Learning Center in 1972. The Learning Center was a retail teacher’s supply outlet, specializing in sales to teachers, with two stores in Grand Rapids, Michigan. About 1974, schools instituted changes in educational methods that affected the home and schools. Changes included introducing new teaching methods in math and English and eliminating workbooks provided on a shared basis for home use. With these changes, parents experienced difficulty finding educational material for use at home. Local parents turned to the Learning Centers, requesting workbooks and other at-home teaching aids. In response, the Centers formulated six workbooks and printed 1,000 copies of each. The books sold out in six months. An expanded workbook series was developed and received equally enthusiastic acceptance. School Zone Publishing Company was incorporated in 1979. A new line of workbooks had been written and illustrated by late 1979. In January 1980, the line was printed and School Zone began operations. Market response was extremely favorable. The product line has expanded yearly and currently includes almost two hundred educational products.

With the ladybug in Pre-school now, I am always looking for different ways to help her with her educational development and I was really interested in trying the Super Kindergarten Flash Action book and software. The book is for kids ages 5-6, but I wanted to start preparing the ladybug for kinder garden and the first part of the book is perfect for doing this. It teaches the kids about basics as the alphabet , matching, and lots of other activities that are great even for a Pre- K buggy like mine.

The colorful book is filled with fun activities that promote learning in a way that the kids will not even know they are not only having fun, but actually learning and I thing that is essential for little ones. There are tons of activities in the book that promote the kid’s learning skills and that goes from learning letters and numbers to matching games that I have to say are one of the bug’s favorite.

The book is a lot of fun, but there is more to it. Inside you will find software that is also a great learning tool. The easy to install software comes with a series of games and activities that will, do as the book does, promote the kid’s learning process and skills.

This makes for a great present for the kids in your life and remember they do offer a really wide selection of books, software, and flash cards for different ages at a great price!

The product(s) provided for the review were sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency. My opinions are my own and not by any means influenced by any other part.

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