Naef USA Inc. was launched in May of 2005 in Winchester, Virginia as the sole distributor for the United States and Canada of the Swiss toy line Naef. Naef play objects stand for quality, durability, design and creativity. Their range of products, are designed to encourage creativity and the imagination, appeal to all age groups from infants to seniors….I found this website a few weeks ago and the originality on their design immediately got my attention. Their products are unlike anything I have seen before…. I am always looking for developmental toys for the ladybug, but this time the toys were also for the ladybug’s mom.
I had the chance to try 2 products from Naef. One for the ladybug and one I decided was for me.
The one for the ladybug is the Colorem. The ladybug is very “artistic” and she loves painting and drawing. My living room walls are a living proof of that, so I am always trying to get her things to keep her from drawing on the walls. The colorem is a great product to encourage her painting and creativity….The Colorem is a set of maple wood cubes, which are varnished with high quality blackboard paint in which the kids can paint anything that comes to their mind. The set is really neat, after making your drawing; you can take the pieces apart and use it as a puzzle. The set comes with an elastic cord to keep the pieces together and when you are ready for another piece of art, just wipe off the previous drawing. The Colorem is available in 12 or 25 pieces.
The Maganaef was the second product I was able to try and keep for my own entertainment, the Magnaef is a round disc with small perforations and filled with small magnetic balls in the inside….The Magnaef features a magnetic wand and when you get the wand close to the little holes in the disc, the magnetic balls are brought to the surface (one at a time) allowing you to create whatever you want to with the Magnaef.
This is great for those times when you are stuck and bored somewhere and you can’t have your phone turned on ….Like an air plane and I personally find it really relaxing and entertaining, so I find myself playing with it at home very often. The metal tip on the wand has actually come out of the wand before, so I wouldn’t recommend this for little ones.
To see all the Naef original designs, please visit:Naef

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