The whiplash is what you can call a scooter with a twist…..A simple way to describe this scooter is that the Whiplash is the fusion of a scooter and a rip stick. Perfect for kids that are not quite ready for the rip stick but are past the scooter stage. The recommended age for this scooter is 5 and up which is probably accurate, but keep in mind that this scooter is more difficult to ride than a regular scooter. You should probably keep an eye on the younger kids while they are riding this scooter and also keep in mind that the swivel wheels will allow a lot more tricks, but these tricks are also more difficult …. On the other hand, the extra features on the Whiplash makes it a lot more fun than a regular scooter, just use precaution. The recommended weight limit on the Whiplash is 200 pounds.
The whiplash requires some assembly, nothing major so it is really easy to put together and the tools you need are inside of the box with the instruction manual that comes in English, Spanish and French. The Whiplash features wave torsion self propelling technology , rear wheel caster for carving and drifting and one of my favorite features is the quick folding that makes storage and transportation a breeze. The whiplash also features an extended length adjustable handle and it whips side to side.
The design is really sleek and solid materials were used on the construction….A Ride on “toy” that is made for lots of fun once you get the hang of the scooter. The instructions include a few tips on how to operate the scooter and there are even videos you can look at on the Street Surfing website. This is a great way to get the kids out of the couch and have some exercise while having fun.
Product features:
New redesign of the original Wave Board.
Integrated silicon grip tape decks.
Abec 7 bearings.
Great new graphics and colors.
Family style display box.
You can find the Whiplash and all Street Surfing products at:
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