I took the lady bug to the doctor for her 2 years old check up, my husband and i always go together to her appointments cause we like asking questions to her pediatrician about anything that might be in our mind.
So the doctor ask about potty training and we told him about her taking her dipper off and redecorating with what was inside , i thought to myself…..Well she has not done that lately , so maybe she was over that “phase”.
We went home and i started lunch.
I was busy cooking when i realized that the bug was too quiet, as you know that is NEVER a good thing!
So i call my husband:
She is hiding, can you please check why?
Well surprise ,surprise , we are not over that face yet 🙁
We clean the mess and took her in the bathroom and gave her a bath ( the second that day).
I go back to cooking and 20 minutes after that…..
Where is she , she is hiding again!
I run out of the kitchen and find that she has pushed one of hour chairs to the kitchen counter ( she does it every time i am in the kitchen), climb on top of it grabbed the dishwasher soap while i wasn’t looking and run with it .
Now there is a whole bottle of dishwasher soap on the carpet and on her.She was so slippery that i couldn’t even carry her to the bathroom for her third bath of the day!
This is how much soap she has on her , she is not taking a bubble bath, i am just rinsing out the soap……

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