My mother in law slipped and hurt herself a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to get her a get better present…..What is the logical thing to get when you want to brighten up a women’s day? If you said flowers you are a 100% correct. I don’t think I know any woman that doesn’t love receiving flowers. I started to look for different flower stores when I came across California Blooms…….
California Blooms is a family owned and operated company based in California. They are the premier internet source for the freshest, boutique grown roses in the USA. Their California grown roses are individually hand-selected and cut at the peak of their growing cycle, hydrated overnight and shipped farm-direct to your doorstep.

I was given the chance to review one of their gorgeous rose bouquets. My MIL’s favorite color is lavender, so I picked the lavender color ones and had them shipped to my address so I can actually deliver them myself and also to see them for the review.
The first good thing I have to say about the flowers is the way they are shipped, they were sent in a hard box excelsior(shaved wood material)to help protect the flowers and my guess is that is also help to keep them fresh, the roses were just perfect. With a light lavender color and some green on the edges, they were just marvelous. My MIL told me that finding that color roses is actually very difficult. They used them for my SIL’s wedding and apparently was not an easy task.
The roses are really fresh and opened just the right amount to assure your flowers will still be looking gorgeous for a longer period of time (DH got me flowers for mother’s day, but they were too open and dead within two days)!
My mother in law loved the flowers and even my father in law and DH commented on how nice they look and how good they smelled.
One more thing I liked about this company is that their roses are grown utilizing eco-friendly methods that drastically reduce the demand for energy. The greenhouse roofs are double-lined as opposed to the typical greenhouse with a single-lined roof. In addition, energy curtains are used throughout the greenhouses. This alone reduces energy consumption by over 30%. Water used throughout the growing operation is continually recycled back into the operation as well as into nearby pastureland and complimentary crops.
California Bloom offers you 12 and 24 long stern rose bouquets with or without a vase and if you are ordering one of their beautiful bouquets, they come in 9 different colors including mixed bouquets. Please keep in minds that they do not offer Monday deliveries since it would compromise the freshness and quality of their roses and that order deadline each day is 1:00pm PT for delivery the next day. Most orders arrive before 12:00 noon local time.
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