As I have been saying for the last couple of weeks, I have been having some stress issues that are not really helping me keep my routine and diet and to top everything off, my abueilta ( grandmother), is in the hospital very ill. My sleep pattern is pretty messed up….Waking up at 3:30 am so that is certainly not helping me at all. At the beginning of this week after getting on the scale, I realized that I have actually gained 2 pounds….Which I have to say does not surprise me, but freaked me out.

So I did my best to keep on the program and I have to say that the fact that Nutrisystem sent me the Mindset makeover which you usually receive during your first week in the program, helped me a lot to remember my goals and the reason I am in the Nutrisystem Blogger Program. When you start the program, each week, you are introduced to one of the 12 core skills related to successful weight control and I kind of forgot what a great of a tool this is…. It is really a great way to set up your goals and learn how to make the necessary changes to achieve your goal. It solves and overcomes the barriers you will find along the path and most importantly to stay on track which is exactly why I need it.

So once again I am on the right path and trying to stay on track despite what is going on around me and while I have to say it is not easy, I have been able to shed those two pounds I gained and get back in the game and planning my menus ahead of time which always works really well for me. So my new goal is to reach my original goal of losing a total of 30 pounds by losing 8 pounds in the next 8 weeks!

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