This week has been a bit of a struggle as I was going up a pound before going down one pound! I did my best to bring my water bottle everywhere I went. I honestly think that made a huge different this week.

I’ve had work related lunches all week last week and while I tried to keep my menu as close as I could to my Nutrisystem program, I did have to eat food from outside of the program a few times last week, I tried to compensate by doing the dinners and breakfast ….No desert the whole week and by the end of the week I was able to shed one more pound. One thing that helped me was getting some help and hints from the Nutisystem ‘s kitchen essentials quick guide which I have to say has some amazing pointers and helpful ideas as to what to eat while on the go.

 Preferred Power Fuels, Sensible Smart Carbs, I found this can make a huge difference when you need to be out and having lunches with other people…I always carry one of my trail mix bars anywhere I go…I love those little bars! So as of today I am just 6 lbs away from my goal….I have lost all this weight and I can see the changes everywhere, even my face looks different, a lot more like what I used to look like…It feels really good to get in my closet and actually enjoy looking at my new wardrobe and have a positive feeling on how it would look on me.

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