The transition from bottles to sippy cup can be….Let’s say very entertaining and even though the ladybug took the change relatively easy, she was very specific about which cups were for juice and which ones were destined for milk and there was no way she would drink milk out of a juice cup and vice versa!
Prince Lionheart came up with the perfect solution to the bottle- to sippy cup dilemma they have created a sippy cup training system that allows you to utilize the Prince Lionheart bottles and transform them in to a sippy cup.
One of the hardest things in the bottle to sippy cup transition is that the little ones immediately notice the difference in the shape and touch and by just replacing the nipples for a sippy spout and adding handles to the bottle, the change is not so drastic and it is easier for the little ones to adapt to. Not to mention that you are able to utilized the Prince Lionheart bottles you have been using already! The Spout is made of PURE medical grade silicone and the contoured handles make holding bottle and/or sippy cup easy and comfortable.
When the ladybug was little I use the Dr. Brown bottles and I spent a couple of hundreds of dollars on the bottles….. And that was with me breast feeding! When I switched her to sippy cups I spent well over a hundred dollars more on the cups, so getting the Prince Lionheart silicone bottle which is made of pure medical grade silicone and that is also BPA, Phthalate, PVC, Latex and lead free makes all the sense in the world.
I can use their colic reducing bottles for as long as the baby needs it and then all I need to do is to get the Sippy Cup Upgrade kit for less than 6.00 and that comes with the handles that match the bottles and the spouts to change the bottles into sippy cups…..Definitely the way to go!

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