So the ladybug wakes up a 2:00 am last night and start calling: mom, mom, mommmmmm.
I hear her through the monitor but wait a minute or two to see if she goes back to sleep, but nope she doesn’t.
I go in her room and my mom is holding her (mom staying with us), but ladybug keeps calling me , so pick her up and take her in my room , if i leave her in her room my mom won’t be able to sleep which is not fair!
So i put her in my bed and she is already have way sleep!
Then it begins… She moves, twist and chick! I don’t know how something that little can take up that much space!
Well when she is ready to get up at 6:00 am, she touch me and call : mom……I stay still to see if she goes back to sleep , but no , she is ready to get up , so i am tiered, my back is killing me and way to upset cause it’s been a longgg night , but then she looks at me with her little angel face and softly said : mom and smiles at me.
Is that the part that should be illegal, you instantly forget why you were even upset and just want to Hugh and kiss the little bug:)

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