Have you ever been to a toga party?
How old were you when that happened?
I have something to confess…….Ladybug went to her first toga party!
Yes , she is 23 months and have been to one of those already…….Well actually it was not so bad it was toga party they were having here ( i live in a condo , they are always doing activities for the neighbors), and the toga party was just the last one.
So daddy decided he needed to go , he loves to party:) , and he was taking the little bug with him , so he took one of our blankets and made a toga out of it , try to guess what he used for the little one’s toga, if you guessed a pillow cover… you are a 100% right!
They went to the party and i joined them a little later ,( no blankets for me just jeans and a t-shirt).
She was having a blast and EVERYBODY crazy about her”outfit”