Do you have a little artist in your house? I do, I have a little painter! The ladybug is always drawing on EVERYTHING she can get a hold of and making mommy to paint her different things also….I want to make sure that I keep all her pieces of art safe and in its own little special place so I can collect them as keepsakes for when she is older, and who knows, she might be next Picasso and those would be worth a lot one day….LOL.
Vat19 offers all kinds of unique gifts for all family members and one of those products is the Li’l DaVinci Store and Display Art Cabinet. The cabinet is the best way I could think of to save, store, and display all of the ladybug’s “art pieces”. The Li’l DaVinci Art Cabinet features a discreet hinge that allows you to open the front of the frame and easily swap out pictures or artwork that you want to preserve. The cabinet can hold 1 to 50 pages, so you can get a lot of the kid’s art work storage in one single place.
Made out of wood and painted black with a matte finish, the cabinet can be part of the kid’s room decoration, the hall or even the office.
The cabinet has the option to be latch closed to avoid unwanted tampering. I love keeping all of my daughter’s drawing but the fridge door is not really an option for me for various reasons, magnets don’t do good on stainless steel and the ladybug would tear anything on it.
Being able to frame the different pieces makes it even more special because is like having a little treasures box and when we get a new “ pretty painting” it can be added to the collection. You can also date the different pieces and keep them for when she is older which is exactly my plan.
You can get the cabinet in two sizes, both of which can be hung vertically or horizontally (mounting hardware is included). The 8.5″ x 11″ size can also stand on a table. Vat 19 provided me with a sample of the 8.5 x11 cabinet for this review.

Li’l Davinci Art Cabinet features :
• Opens from the front
• Reduces refrigerator clutter
• Stores up to 50 pieces of art
• Can be hung horizontally or vertically
• Wall-hanging template included (with hardware)
• Table stand included (8.5″ x 11″ size only)
• Black wooden frame with white matte
You can purchase both sizes at : the 8.5 x 11 sales for $24.95, and the 12 x 18 for $34.95.

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