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Are you making your kids’ Easter baskets this year? I have been making mine for several years, and this year is no exception. One of the main reasons I make my own baskets is because I have better control of what’s in them and I can minimize the amount of candy.

Photo by from Pexels

When you make your own basket, you have total control on the toys and games that go in it. Because I am trying to keep my kids’ basket tooth fairy approved, I am set on making their baskets myself.

The main piece for my son’s basket this year is one of his favorite animated characters (and mine too).


We have been collecting PLAYMOBIL sets for a few years now and love it. The iconic brand is always adding new sets to the already extensive collection, which makes them a great choice for starting and expanding a collection of adorable sets.

PLAYMOBIL sets include many favorite characters and even everyday scenarios. The sets are a lot of fun and perfect for pretend play.

This year’s centerpiece for my son’s gift basket is a set from DreamWorks’ Dragons, It includes the baby dragon, Hiccup, and of course, Toothless.

This set is one of our favorites so far. Of course, I probably say that every time I get a new set because they are truly a great collectible item. This one set, though, has the added bonus of featuring a big family favorite, and PLAYMOBIL did a great job portraying Toothless with back scales and light-up arrows. It is a nice piece for Easter or any special occasion and a must have for any PLAYMOBIL fan.

The set includes 14 pieces and has a retail price of $39.99, PLAYMOBIL offers a second set featuring the light fury that is also super cute in case you want to add a second set or have multiple kids to surprise this Easter!

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