Treat your feet to the Comfort of Telic Footwear- 3 Winners Giveaway

#telic Sandals #Giveaway

I am collaborating with Telic in the promotion of their sandals.The product(s) offered for the giveaway are free of charge, no purchase necessary. My opinions are my own and not by any means influenced by any other part.

Telic sandals

#Telic sandals

#Telic #Giveaway

#Telic sandals

Telic #Giveaway

#telic Sandals


#telic Sandals #Giveaway

Mother’s day is May 11th this year. Do you know what you are getting for your mom? I know exactly what I am getting not only for my mom, but for some other favorite and special moms in my life…Telic sandals!

I have featured the super comfortable sandals before and if you have been reading my blog, you will know that Telic was created just a couple of years ago (July 4th 2012). Since their launch, Telic has rapidly grown and their sandals are now for sale in many different retailers around the country and around the globe.

Telic has added different designs and colors to their collection making their way to the hearts and feet of many fans anywhere they are for sale. I am a big fan of their vibrant colors, the designs and of course the comfort Telic sandals delivers making them a must have in my suitcase everywhere I go on vacation where the sun is present.

I have even added my personal touch to some of my Telic sandals and decorated them with Swarovski crystals for a fun sparkly look!

Telic has been featured as a recovery shoe, making them very popular among golfers and runners…My husband plays soccer and loves his Telic sandals after a game as the cushiony footbed and the arch support offered by the sandals is simply amazing.

I am planning to take a couple of trips to Orlando this summer, the first being in just a couple of weeks and I know I am taking my Telic sandals…What I have not decided yet is the color!

What you need to know when buying these sandals is that most of their designs are unisex and the sizes shoes as women/men sizes, so make sure you are looking at the correct sizing when you purchase the sandals. I found that the thong style runs a little small so I usually go a size bigger; if you like a tighter fit, order your normal size.
I also think that the Z strap tends to be a little bigger so I order my actual size on this style. I Love both of them so it is a matter of which style you like best unless you, like me, cannot settle for a style and you end up getting both…They are both very comfortable and once you try Telic…You are hooked!

Win it:
Telic footwear has kindly offered 3 lucky Born 2 Impress reader, the chance to win a pair of sandals is color of choice.

WordPress did an automatic update today, Sunday May 11, and while doing so , the site crashed while backing up. As a result, 2 complete weeks of data were lost! That includes comments to giveaways. I will re-post all the reviews/giveaways but I cannot recover the comments on the posts. The good news is that since Giveaway Tools is a separate website, your entries are recorded there. So there is no need to panic if you entered any of the giveaways that were affected.

To enter this giveaway, please use the Giveaway Tools form bellow:

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The product(s) provided for the review were sent to me free of charge from the company or the PR agency. I am collaborating with Telic in the promotion of their sandals.The product(s) offered for the giveaway are free of charge, no purchase necessary. My opinions are my own and not by any means influenced by any other part. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”
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40 thoughts on “Treat your feet to the Comfort of Telic Footwear- 3 Winners Giveaway”

  1. Would love to have a pair when my son comes out to visit. I’m sure we’ll do a lot of walking! Haven’t seen him in about 4 years!

    1. These would be great for days at the beach or lake where I spend most of my free time in the summer.

  2. I could have used Telic sandals on my Women’s Adventure Tour on the Sand Juan Islands. I would choose the turquoise.

  3. I would like to take these sandals with me this summer when I go on day trips. I would love to have a pair in the deep ocean colour.

  4. I wish I had a pair of comfortable sandals like Telic when we visited New Zealand last summer because we did a lot of walking.

  5. I wish I had a pair of comfortable sandals like Telic when we visited New Zealand last summer. We did a lot of sight seeing and walking. We visited the beach and these sandals would have been great.

  6. I wish I had a pair of telic sandals several years ago when My Husband and I were on Vacation in Hawaii! The most beautiful place I have ever Been. If we ever get a chance to go Back to Hawaii, I sure would love to have a Pair this time. If I won these awesome sandals I would choose the color Pink. My favorite color besides Red~ Have a nice day! :0)~~

  7. A few years back we went to Florida for a week.. I had taken with me a pair of awesome flip flops that I had been wearing and were extremely comfortable.

    The first night we were there, no issues. However, the next day, we were playing along the coast line with the kids when my sandal snapped. Not a very good pair since they were only a week old :(.

  8. Wish I’d had these on my last vacation at the beach! Would like to take them on my next vacation to Mexico. I’d choose the Turquoise/Aqua color.

  9. I am vacationing in Florida right now. I have already broken a pair of flimsy sandals since I’ve been here! I do a lot of beach walking and could really use a comfy, sturdy pair of sandals!

  10. I would love to wear them at the Jersey Shore! Our whole extended family rents a house there and we go down every year! The sand is always too hot to go barefoot, so these would be perfect! They look fashionable and easy to slip on and off!

  11. I wish I had a comfortable pair of shoes like this when we were in Florida in December. The shoes I brought with me were terribly uncomfortable.

  12. I can see myself visiting the beach when visiting relatives in South Australia in summer wearing these colorful Telics. No more burning soles!

  13. On a trip to the beach, I wish I had a pair of comfy sandals like these. I needed comfort and I needed something easily cleaned to get rid of the sand.

  14. I could have used the comfortable Telic Sandals on my last vacation to Hawaii. As to color – should I win – these would be for my daughter & she would love the red.

  15. These sandals would be perfect for the beach! I had a pair of tevas at one point and they were okay. But eventually weren’t in good shape anymore. We go to Ocean City, MD each year…these would be great to have there.

  16. I wish I had a pair when I went to Mexico in the winter. I love all the colors it would be hard to pick just one! I would wear these to the beach this summer, pick me :)

  17. Really could have done with these for the Florida heat and the miles of walking when I visited Disney World! I would love a pink pair for my next trip that I’m dreaming of!!!!!

  18. We went to Hawaii last year and even though I thought I had good sandals I was so sore by the end of the trip! I’d have loved a pair of Telic, and I’d love them for all our running around this summer. I love the Deep Ocean color!

  19. I could really use these at Disney. Walking around all day, you need comfy shoes. Usually at the end of a day at Disney I end up taking my shoes off. These would be really comfy

  20. When we went to see my husband’s parents in Maine last summer he decided to take me camping to his favorite place. It was right off the beach and it must have took me days to get all of the sand out of my sandals and sneakers. I wish I had Telic as it would have been such a comfortable vacation. I would choose the Purple Vine.

  21. I would love to have these in black! We are more of the staycation kind of people so I would wear them around time and when we go to the lake to go swimming!

  22. I am planning on visiting a B& B with my boyfriend as a weekend getaway, hopefully sometime this summer. These sandals would be perfect :) I think the purple is my favourite, but there were a few colours that stood out to me. Thanks!

  23. In 2010 I went to California & I could really have used a good pair of sandles! I just have cheap ones from old navy & one broke, on my birthday 😉 haha If I were to win these, I would take the to the beach all the time! show them off!

  24. I could use Telic sandals for when I vacation in California. So many cute colors! I’d choose Fresh Cranberry.

  25. I am fixing to go on a cruise with my two sisters and I would love to have these sandals. They look so comfortable and stylish!

  26. I wish I had these footwear in my Maldives trip! Sun, sand, fun, and frolic – with the right footwear all this could turn into a fantasy come true!!! I can’t wait to pose with these on :) Deep ocean would be the colour of my choice!

  27. I like the blue sandles. I would like to go back to Aruba. My husband and I had our honeymoon in Aruba. It’s a beautiful place.

  28. I went on vacation to Naples, Florida for three weeks a couple of years ago, and I could have used a pair of these. It seems I walked a million miles, most of those on the beach. I would like to have a pair of the fresh cranberry for my beach vacation this summer.

  29. We took a trip to Disneyland four years ago and I really could have used a pair of Telic footwear then. I had purchased a cheap new pair of sandals for the trip and they ended up being extremely uncomfortable and left my little toe and heel blistered and bleeding by the end of the day. Never again will I break a pair of shoes in on vacation. Also, I like the flip-flop in Deep Ocean and Sweet Tangerine

  30. I’d like to wear these to the beach or just out on the town for the day. I like the fresh cranberry color. It’s such a lovely shade and not one that I see very often on sandals.

  31. I sure would have liked to have Telic sandals the year we went for a weekend trip to Kincardine, and I forgot my pair at home. I couldn’t find any in the shops, and had to wear my shoes. Blister city! Ouch!!

  32. I haven’t really been on any summer vacations. I tend to stay indoors during the summer because it’s super hot and I don’t handle the heat well. I’d love to have the pink sandals because pink is my favorite color. I would wear them everywhere, to the grocery store, appointments, just walking around the neighborhood.

  33. I would love a pair of Deep Ocean sandals to take with me to Atlantic City this summer. To walk along the board walk and to go to ALL of the casinos.

  34. I wish I had Telic sandals when I was visiting the Superior Lake. It would have been perfect to walk by the shore, with all those big rocks. I’d love to have a pair for when I one day get to walk by the ocean. I’ve never seen the ocean before. :(

  35. Oh I wish I had a pair of comfortable sandals like these while we were on vacation last year. I’d love a pair of snow white Telic sandals!

  36. Oh I remember when I was in Cairo and I was pregnant with my baby and I had to walk everywhere downtown. Then we went to Alexandria and I had to walk all over there. My feet hurt so much. The only time I got a real break was when we went to the beach!

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