Glider Gloves

Glider gloves give you the freedom to touch anytime, anywhere…Because we still need to use our smartphones, even if it is cold outside, these warm gloves are the perfect gift for anyone with a smartphone!

These touchscreen-friendly gloves combine warmth, comfort, and convenience as they work with your touchscreen, that is right, no need to take your gloves off to text or call!

Featuring conductive yarn along the entire hand and not just the tip of the gloves and anti-slip grip that allows you to keep a secure hold of your phone. The gloves are constructed with layers of yarn to provide the much-needed warmth during the winter months.

The Glider Gloves are not bulky, but still provides a great amount of warmth, which makes them great for everyday wear around town.

Available in your choice of Urban style which provide lightweight, low profile slim fitting, and provides great warmth for short amounts of time, but with great touchscreen accuracy. The Winter style is thicker and designed for a longer period of time in cold exposure.

Both styles retail for $29.99 and are on sale right now for $16.99 on Amazon!








Seirus hat

Baby its cold outside and a Seirus beanie hat is just what you need.

These next level warmth and comfort hats are the perfect mixes between around town style and mountain functionality. The super soft and stylish, unisex beanie style that would make a great stocking stuffer this holiday season.

Featuring a fleece band lining, these hats are not only chic but also comfortable and practical.

With a wide variety to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect winter hat at the Seirus store.

Hats retail for $24.99.










Ekster Parliament Wallet

A slim, leather bi-fold crafter with great attention to detail and beautiful craftsmanship, this wallet will change your idea of wallets forever.

Designed for modern times, the Ekster Parliament Wallet features

A quick card access mechanism. No more pulling all your cards out to find the one you are looking for. This smart wallet features a trigger mechanism that releases your cards in the order of your choice.

Worldwide traceability. With a small tracker that can be inserted into your wallet (included with the Parliament Wallet if you chose the Wallet + Tracker option), you can locate and ring your wallet at any given time.

Solar-powered tracker card. One of the great breakthrough features of these wallets is that the tracker card runs on solar energy, only takes about three hours charge, and each charge should last about a month.
The Parliament Wallet + Tracker retails for $119.00 without the tracker for $89.00.

Use discount code XMAS-30 and save %30 off your order.

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