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When you think of a men’s wallet, you probably envision a traditional leather bi-fold, but that concept is rapidly changing. Function and design are being brought together and delivering what could very possibly be the new standard for men’s wallets.


Ekster offers a whole new take on an everyday product that combines tradition and innovation. Beautiful lines and top-quality leather make these hand-crafted men’s wallet a must-have on everyone’s Christmas list.

The Criteria

Ekster’s designs are based on five-point criteria that pretty much define the brand:

• Efficiency
• Safeguarding
• Innovation
• Quality Craftsmanship
• Style

Why Every Man Should Have an Ekster Wallet

The reason is quite simple: these wallets are the perfect combination of a compact, high-quality, and stylish wallet and tracking technology.

Ekster offers a line of wallets and accessories for today’s men.

Ekster Parliament Wallet

A slim, leather bi-fold crafter with great attention to detail and beautiful craftsmanship, this wallet will change your idea of wallets forever.

Designed for modern times, the Ekster Parliament Wallet features

• A quick card access mechanism. No more pulling all your cards out to find the one you are looking for. This smart wallet features a trigger mechanism that releases your cards in the order of your choice.

• Worldwide traceability. With a small tracker that can be inserted into your wallet (included with the Parliament Wallet if you chose the Wallet + Tracker option), you can locate and ring your wallet at any given time. Also, thanks to the use of crowd GPS technology, if you lose your wallet, then you’ll automatically be notified of its most recent location whenever a TrackR community member passes by it!

• Solar-powered tracker card. One of the great breakthrough features of these wallets is that the tracker card runs on solar energy, only takes about three hours charge, and each charge should last about a month.

• Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)-blocking technology. As the world advances in ways to simplify the use of credit cards, so do the methods of people looking to take advantage of your credits.

A modern-day thief can pick-pocket you from a distance, making traditional wallets unsafe. Thanks to its aluminum cardholder, the Ekster Parliament Wallet blocks all RFID signals, keeping users 100% protected against data theft.

The Parliament Wallet offers maximum storage with a slim and compact profile. Available in four trendy colors in the tracker and non-tracker versions, the Ekster Parliament Wallet is one of the top holiday gifts for men in 2018.

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