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At what age would you say boys show an interest in cars? I would say that even before they can walk, boys have a certain fascination with cars and even more so when they are race cars Fast cars = fun!

I’m not sure what the formula is, but I have seen it over and over again, and the funny thing is that the fascination with fast sports cars never goes away. When the kids grow up, they just switch their fixation to bigger and more expensive toys. Yes, the real deal is basically that toy car they loved as kids.

PLAYMOBIL, one of my all-time favorite toy brands, sees the natural love that kids have for cars and has created an amazing line of sports cars, putting a modern twist to an iconic classic brand and toy line.

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

How can you make a PLAYMOBIL car even more fun? Make it a Porsche and add racing accessories to it, and you might have your kid’s next favorite toy in your hands.

I have always like the attention to detail that PLAYMOBIL pays to all its designs, and this race car is certainly another great PLAYMOBIL delivery. With cool light effects (front, rear, and interior lighting), the Porsche also features a detachable roof.

This super fun set features lots of accessories and matching tools that you would need on a real-life race track. The set is meant for kids ages four and up and has everything your little pilot or mechanic needs for a great time at the race tracks.

For starters, the cockpit has enough room for one figure. The car also features an adjustable motorsport rear spoiler, and the trunk can be opened upwards. It comes with two sets of wheels so you can change the tires as needed to suit different weather conditions.

With the stickers of the sponsors to make the car as real as possible, this PLAYMOBIL set is a great collectible item. This car is one of those toys your kids will love for years to come and one with which Daddy will not mind joining in the fun!

Also included is the command stand for monitoring the race, and of course, what race is complete without a trophy?

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