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One of the biggest challenges for travelers and outdoor lovers is what to pack. The goal is to always pack the minimum without compromising.

Kubie By Kijaro

Think of a product that can be used as a poncho, pillow, ground cover, hammock (complete with hammock straps), sleeping bag, shade, and shade cover. Talk about multitasking! This lightweight blanket/poncho/pillow/ground cover/hammock/sleeping bag is the first thing anyone planning to travel this holidays should pack.

Why you might ask. Think how much you would love to have one a Kubie by Kijaro if you are traveling by plane and the flight gets delayed. Yes, you now have a clean surface to sleep on if you need one or a pillow for the plane ride. It can also add some warmth during the airport wait and double as a changing pad for those traveling with kids!

Let’s say you are not traveling by air and do like yours truly is planning to do and travel wherever it is your going by car. In our case, we’re driving to Ohio. Yep, that is around 1,000 miles from Florida, and we are traveling with both kids and a puppy. Needless to say, we need all the comfort we can get while packing the least amount of things for the trip.

Because kids and puppies can be tough on everything and anything, I am really glad that the Kubie is made with durable nylon rip-stop fabric and double zipper pulls to handle this trip.

Also, because the weather can change at any time, and we are traveling north during the winter, I really appreciate that Kubie has a water-resistant coating and fleece lined hood to keeps us warm and dry.

To make it even easier to carry with you anywhere you go, Kubie converts into its own carrying pouch for compact traveling.

Good Year Round

I understand that travel happens during any season, but no matter what the weather looks like, Kubie can be very handy and used for multiple purposes other than as a pillow or blanket. If your adventures take you hiking, camping, or simply on a picnic in the park, you will still love having one of these with you.

Keep It Close

Because Kubie is compact, you can keep it in the trunk of the car in case you need it at the next football game or that tailgating party you have been talking about.

Anyone on your holiday list who likes the outdoors travels often, goes to games or parks, has kids, or enjoys the beach (wait, that is pretty much everyone) can use one of these.

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