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Normally, gardens can help to improve a property. It’s very common for people to want a garden when looking for a home. As such, houses that come with ample backyard spaces will be highly in demand, leading to house prices going up. Unfortunately, there are cases when your garden won’t improve your home at all. If anything, it could decrease the value of your property. 

When is this likely to happen? You can see three common cases down below: 

You have a big statement piece that’s hard to remove

Examples of these statement pieces include: 

  • Large fountains
  • Ponds
  • Below-ground swimming pools

Your garden attracts wild animals

Now, it is possible to attract wild animals without doing anything. Birds and other animals can find their way into your garden as they’re attracted to regular things – like the fruit forming on your trees. 

Nevertheless, there are cases when you actively do things to bring wild animals – like foxes, local cats, and others – into your garden. For instance, you put food out for them or you create nesting places. This seems like a beautiful idea, but it means the next owner has to deal with wild animals coming into their garden. They might not like this, so the value of your home diminishes. As much as you love wildlife, don’t make your home a place that actively drives the local animals to it. 

Your garden is incredibly messy

Yes, a messy garden can drastically bring down the value of your home. You could have a massive garden with loads of space, but buyers are put off by how disgracefully unkempt it looks. Why? Because it isn’t attractive, it doesn’t encourage them to live in this house, and they know it will cost a lot of money to tidy up. 

So, focus on keeping your garden in the best possible condition. Use a leaf mulcher or blower to get rid of fallen leaves in the winter, mow your lawn regularly, and always trim the bushes. This will help you maintain a fantastically neat garden, but what if yours is already a mess? Ensure you clean it right away, and there are services like Evergreen Junk Removal that can help you dispose of all the organic waste – such as sticks, branches, bush trimmings, and so on. A neat garden definitely improves your home, while a messy one does the opposite. 

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking a garden automatically makes your house more desirable and valuable. Sometimes, it can go the other way and drive down the asking price of your home. Hopefully, you’ve now understood why this can happen, so you can take the necessary steps to prevent it.

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