Spring is well underway and summer is slowly catching up. While most people like to get a head start on the spring cleaning and will have it done by now, many of you might not have had the motivation or the time. 

Perhaps you can’t decide what to do, since according to one survey, only around 23% of people stated that they used their garage for working on their car. There are numerous things that people use their garage for such as working on crafts and as a home gym, but mostly for storage.

When you think about it, that’s a terrible waste of a lot of space, so if you can’t decide what to do with all that extra room and are planning to get the spring cleaning underway, you could use your garage for the following:

  • The Car
  • Guest House
  • Man Cave

When all is said and done, the garage is meant for storing and working on your car while the extra space is normally large enough to accommodate guests and if you want a great place for the guys, a man cave is a growing trend among many households.

The Car

A shockingly low number of people actually use their garage for its real purpose; for storing and working on your vehicles. Since many homes with a garage usually have adequate driveway space, many simply find it easier to just park outside the house which also saves some time when leaving in the morning.

But the garage has been designed to protect your vehicle from things such as theft and the elements as well as keeping it clean and secure. The protective nature of your garage could also help in any ongoing car accident lawyer case as it can preserve any evidence that might be required should the vehicle still be in your possession. 

Guest House

As Covid-19 restrictions begin to ease this year, you might already be thinking about having friends and family around for occasions and celebrations. Excellent use of your garage might be converting it into a suitable guest house if it is large enough, and most garages will typically be large enough for this.

Conversion can be expensive though as it requires utilities such as gas, water, and electricity as well as planning permits and paperwork. If you find that you can’t go ahead with the full conversion, then you could redecorate and use it as a guest room instead. You might want to install some insulation and drywall though as garages don’t usually come with these.

Man Cave

One of the fastest-growing trends in home redecorating is the inclusion of a man cave which is a separate part of the home where the man of the house can relax. These male recreation areas are usually basement or loft conversions but essentially any room big enough is suitable for making one, or perhaps an accessory she-shed for trinkets could be built as a small escape for the ladies.

Your garage, even a single-vehicle-sized one, is probably large enough to accommodate a good man cave. Each guy is different and might like it to be done a certain way but commonly a man cave contains a minibar, a pool table, and a good entertainment system as well as a recliner, sports memorabilia, and personal items.

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