Gardens are very interesting as there are many things you can add to them. Well, that’s not what makes them interesting per se! It’s more the fact that certain garden additions can devalue your home. This is strange as most home improvements are designed to add value. Plus, some of the garden additions that devalue your home seem pretty cool. 

Unfortunately, things like swimming pools or water features can make your property lose value. Why? Because they’re expensive to maintain, which turns prospective buyers away from your property. If you want some additions to your garden that actually add value, here are three beauties: 

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A garden fence

Fences add value to a home because they provide more privacy and security. They’re also very aesthetically appealing and don’t require much maintenance. A nice garden fence will make your garden look better, meaning your whole property seems more attractive. As noted by Texas State Fence, you can get pre-made fences or custom-built ones for your property. There are so many options available, letting you add some serious value to your home. 

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A garden shed

According to some research from the UK, experts revealed that garden sheds add the most value to a property. Initially, you might wonder why this is the case. Doesn’t a garden shed take space away from your garden and give you one more thing to clean or look after? Yes, but it also does something all homeowners are looking for: it adds more storage space. 

A little garden shed can be likened to a mini garage. Sure, you can’t fit a car in there, but you can fit many other things you may keep in a garage or attic. It frees up extra space in the home, which is why it’s so coveted by home buyers. 

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A patio

Patio or decking? It’s a debate for the ages, but nine times out of ten, the patio wins out. Why? Because it does a better job of adding value to your home. Decking is nice, but it is much harder to maintain. An old deck can start rotting and makes your garden look awful. Nobody wants to inherit an old deck! 

By contrast, a patio can last for decades without looking too worn or nasty – especially with regular cleaning. It’s much easier to maintain, looks nicer, and will stand the test of time. This is why buyers are more likely to pick a home with a patio over decking. Thus, it’s a garden addition that genuinely adds value. 

You can do loads of things to enhance the exterior appearance of your home. However, only a handful of these ideas will actually add value to your property. In some cases, garden additions take value away – which is never good! If you’re looking for some garden inspiration, consider adding a fence, a shed, and a patio. You can add all three if your budget allows, or pick whichever one you like the sound of the most. In any case, you’re adding something that’ll see your house price skyrocket.

Plants & Flowers

As much as each of the other additions can be recommended, you’ll still need something to look at and enjoy in your garden. You wouldn’t want it to be bare, after all. It’s worth picking up some colorful plants and flowers so you can make your garden look as nice as you want. Plant as many of them as you want, but be prepared to put a little time into looking after them. It could also be worth considering a few garden trees to tie everything together and add a little more life to the garden. It’ll add more value than you’d think.

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