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A professional chef has a checklist for their culinary tools! They follow it to the tee. This checklist is a must for all cooks, professional or not. Without the right culinary tools, you could be stuck using the most common, even sub-standard tools. Do you really want to hamper your skills with these tools? Hopefully, you will never try taking such risks.

The sharpness of Damascus chef knives from Perkin Knives or any other reputed store cannot be contested by a sub-standard knife! Carry your high-quality knives at all times. It isn’t only about the knives. You must have your full set of cooking tools. But, if you are new to the culinary world, you might not know the checklist. Do not get stressed! We will help you out.

What are the Culinary Tools that feature on every Professional Chef’s Travel Checklist?

Culinary tools are the magic wand of cooks! All they do is use them in the best way possible to create the most delectable dishes. We are going to direct you and help you pack up for your next culinary tour. The checklist of cooking tools includes:


    1.       Vegetable Peeler: All professional cooks and chefs agree on one factor, which is quality! The vegetable peeler you use should always be of high quality. Nowadays, pesticides and herbicides are becoming a problem. So, a sharp and strong peeler is a must for peeling vegetable skin, especially for salads and other raw vegetable preparations.
    2.       Can Opener: Sometimes, you may need to open a can for certain products like tomato puree. It is a quick solution. But, if you cannot open the can, then it will never come to your aid. Buying a low quality can opener will not work, so always buy a strong one! It will save you a lot of exasperation.
    3.   Knife: You should always carry a medium sized chef’s knife, if possible a Damascus kitchen knife. Another knife that must feature in your kit is the paring knife. These two knives will cover most of the slicing and chopping tasks.
    4.       Cutting Board: Ensure that the cutting board you carry is thin and flexible. It is easy to pack and can turn any flat and firm surface into a cutting board.
    5.       Bottle Opener: Suppose you have to open a bottle of beer to create a beer batter, how do you open the bottle? You could use the knife! But, that damages the knife. It is better to pack a good wine and bottle opener.
    6.      Zester Grater: It might not seem important, but it is! If you require the zest of an orange, lime or lemon, you cannot achieve it successfully without this tool.
    7.       Measuring Spoon and Cup Set: If you are a baker, then you will definitely have to carry these for perfect measurements. Even a chef, whose specialty is not baking, will require these! Proportions for preparations like salad dressing should not be messed with. These sets can be used to maintain the right proportions for all kinds of sweet and savory dishes!
    8.       Knife Roll: Knives, if not stored properly can lose their sharpness easily. So, you should have a knife roll to store your knives, while you are traveling! It keeps your knives organized and sharp.

This checklist is a general one for all chefs, but you might feel that something is missing. Those tools may be crucial for you. Then you should definitely add those to your checklist. A personal checklist is always needed! We can help you with the generalized one, but things like silicone brush or a mortar and pestle can always be added to this checklist, as per your need or want. Once you have finished creating the checklist, go ahead and start packing for your culinary tour!

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