Life has become extremely busy and the last thing you want to add to your jam-packed to-do list is ‘clean the house’. That being said, you and the people sharing your home are the only ones who know exactly what optimum state you like your home to be in. It will be great to have an efficient Maid to Please your every household need?

In most cases, hiring cleaning services can bring more frustration than pleasure. At first glance, the interior of your home might look good, but after deeper inspection, you might discover unwanted debris in between couch pillows or behind the refrigerator.

That is why I’m convinced that customized cleaning services beat general services.

Here are 8 reasons why. 

1. Meet Specific Needs

The saying “different strokes for different folks” is very much true. You might like your windows spotless and shiny rather than having a dust-free patio. Customized housework services will be able to give you a specific list of services that can be offered. You decide which specific services meet your needs best.

There are a few rooms in the house that you spend more time in. Most certainly you’d like those rooms to be freshly cleaned each week rather than the guest bathroom that hasn’t seen a person in months.

Customized cleaning service companies like Maid to Please meets client’s needs according to specific instructions and requirements. Whereas general cleaning services focus only on the home’s surfaces.

2. Getting into Nooks and Crannies

There’s a big difference between surface and deep cleaning. Compare mopping the bathroom tiles to putting some elbow grease into scrubbing away grout and removing rust and water stains from the sink. Maid to Please wants to satisfy their clients by going through a checklist like this one.  

General housework services only focus on what can be seen on the surface; a quick wipe with a cloth with no other effort in going into hard to reach nooks and crannies. It is by focusing on the small details in a home that Maid to Please services wins the race. You need someone who doesn’t mind moving furniture, unfreezing the refrigerator and getting elbow deep into the sink to make sure your house is shining by the time you get home.

3. Rotating Weekly

Of course, customized cleaning will take a bit more time than general cleaning. An agreed-upon weekly rotating roster will be set up to make sure all areas of your house are tended to in turn. General living spaces will be cleaned each week while other aspects that include washing windows, deep brushing of specific rooms, vacuuming under furniture and ironing will be rotated.

General cleaning services usually rush through the whole house on a weekly basis.

4. Get-to-know Your Organizing Style

Clutterbuck is a great theory created by Cassandra Aarssen, it states that everybody organizes differently. Do their test to find out which organizing style you are. Click here to take the Clutterbug Organizing Style test.

Nothing is worse than returning home from work finding your house organized in a different way than what you would like. When you stick to the same housemaid service, they will get to know you and your specific organizational style. You will be pleased with your maid’s efforts to maintain the same organizational layout of your clothes, toiletries, and kitchen counters when you communicate your Clutterbug organizational style to them.

5. All Locations

You might think that cleaning is only scrubbing and that it can be a very easy job to do. As a matter of fact, there is a lot of thought, skill, and techniques that go into doing a great interior washing job. Customized services are skilled in washing and dusting all kinds of locations.

From offices to public toilets and retail stores to condominiums, customized cleaning services can do it all. General cleaning services might be able to make a place look clean but they will have the disadvantage of not owning the correct anti-bacterial and grime-fighting products and equipment.

6. Seasonal Housework

It isn’t called Spring Cleaning for anything. Are you finally sorting out the basement or that guest bedroom that turned into a storage room? Customized cleaning services will be more than happy to send experienced maids to please your every season decluttering need.

Whether it’s turning the mattress, putting away winter clothes, or changing the curtains. A great team will help you with these specific seasonal requirements.

7. Customer Care

Maid to Please delivers a service that aims to appoint qualified maids and houseworkers. Be sure that a customized cleaning service will go the extra mile to ensure you are happy with their services. 

The fact that they have set checklists and review forms should give you peace of mind that they want to cater to your specifications. Delivering great customer service will only bring them more clients as well as ensure you as a contracted client.

8. The Right Products

Entering your home with the smell of fresh lavender in the air can be refreshing, but for others, they might prefer the scent of lemon and citrus. The right products are a huge part of the cleaning process, it can kill germs and protect your house’s interior. 

When you want to take good care of your flooring and furniture, you need to hire cleaning services that are experienced in different household products for specific functions.  Making sure that all products are child-friendly and kill any unwanted bacteria and germs in the home while leaving a fresh clean smell.

Don’t underestimate the value a customized cleaning service can bring into your home. Not only through being detail orientated, but also through experience and the knowledge of different anti-bacterial products and equipment.

A house is a place where you need to feel safe, at home and relaxed. By hiring an experienced service like Maid to Please, your cleaning and organizational needs will be met, through a series of customized checklists.

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