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Travel can be tremendously inspiring in all directions, but it can also be taxing. Taxing in that you will of course need to budget and spend, most of us accept that, but it can also make us feel quite tired and drained. Moving large distances can take much out of us, even if we’re not at the helm of the plane, train or car that we head from point A to point B in, and time zone differences can creep up on us and harm our body clock.

What matters, then, is ensuring that we have a plan for restoring our energy and coming back to focus on our experience with a  renewed sense of confidence. This means that planning for your beauty, self-care and health needs ahead of time can be a tremendous aid to you.

Over time, this might help you enjoy a relaxed adventure where you otherwise may be tired. It will also help you indulge a little while you’re having a good time, such as heading to bars and restaurants, without having to feel even worse because of the effort. In this post, we’ll discuss a worthwhile guide to traveling and how you can retain your health and wellbeing during your adventure:

Bring Trusted Self-Care Products

Self-care products that you can rely on will help you overcome some of the rigors of travel, as well as some of the effects exposure to intensive weather conditions, can bring. Knowing that you have dry hair shampoos can ensure your hair gets the nourishment you need while abroad, even in hot climates and perhaps after swimming all day.

The same goes for facial creams and moisturizers. You may be limited to how many toiletries and healthcare products you can bring with you on the plane, so it’s worth considering which products may be available or similar in the country you’re going to. A quick Google search should help you with this.

Trusted self-care products can also make your flight and residence easier. A busy flight and a busy stay at a busy resort might make you think that getting to sleep easily is going to be difficult, for instance, but bringing along a small pack of earplugs you can use to wear when trying to sleep could be a real benefit. It’s the little things that often help us with our day-to-day comforts, and so planning that in advance and factoring replacements into your travel budget can be worthwhile.

Keep Up With Your Skincare

Traveling can be hard on the skin. Not only can exposure to the elements cause skin damage, but as travel can tire us out, it might be that our skin becomes a little less supple and vibrant than it might otherwise be.

This is where bringing along a few products can help, from protective lotions to masks and moisturizers as discussed above. We’d also absolutely recommend keeping the proper sun lotion to hand to protect yourself while on the beach, but this can also be applicable if heading on a skiing trip, where the sun remains shining on you all day but you don’t notice it due to the snowy surroundings. In this case, a proper ski mask can also help protect your skin and face.

Take Cold Showers

A good way to overcome some of the summer lethargy of most vacations is to focus on taking cold showers as and when you can. This can be a great way of perking you up in the morning or helping you relieve tension. Make sure  that the cold setting is to the point where it feels cold, but doesn’t freeze you or make you feel as if you’re causing pain. 

The very many benefits of ice baths and cold showers for skin can help you get a better handle on your daily self-care techniques, and this truly does make quite the difference in the long run. You may be surprised just how well it works if you keep up with it over the course of your vacation. If you feel this to be too intensive, then turning down the temperature at the last two minutes of your otherwise warm shower can work out well.

Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

It’s important to stay hydrated when you travel. Even if you’re just sat in a plane seat, travel can feel physically taxing after some time. This is why it’s so important to bring a bottle with you, or to purchase drinks on the way, and to make sure you drink at least 3L a day depending on your needs.

This may not be enough if you’re walking all day and exercising constantly. If you’re losing a lot of fluids or sitting in the sun, replace them. You can also use electrolyte replacement sports drinks (without sugar) to help you replace some of the nutrients lost in your sweat while sunbathing.

Keep A Worthwhile Sleep Schedule

It’s very easy to get little sleep on vacation. No doubt you’re interested in heading to bars, in going out and exploring, and in enjoying restaurants late at night. We’re not about to convince you to cancel your holiday plans or have less fun.

That said, it can be worth trying to keep your sleep as consistent as possible throughout your time abroad. This way, you can get over jet lag more easily, feel revivified in the morning, and in the long run feel more present. When we’re sleep-deprived, it can be harder to make clear memories, to truly “feel there” in the moment, and it might also cause us to walk around with no energy and a sense of needing to climb back into bed, which you don’t want to do given the fact that you’ve booked the holiday to do things.

In some cases, giving the night out a pass can prepare you for the next day. Like anything else, it’s all about moderation.

Take Breaks In The Middle Of The Day

There’s nothing wrong with going back to the hotel to recharge from time to time. There’s a reason that the Spanish decide to enjoy siesta’s, and that’s because most scientists do agree that a midday nap can help restore our faculties and help us feel much better and more open about ourselves.

It might be that you’ve had a wonderful morning exploring a local town. Now you can come back to the hotel, sleep for half an hour, and head to the beach in the afternoon, refreshed, and unlikely to just sleep on the beach the entire time. As you can see, balance is worthwhile.

Get Active & Engaged

You might be surprised just how much getting active and engaged can help you feel great and energized. Doing something, like surfing, or going for hikes around the local nature trails, or even taking up a new sport like white water rafting can help you feel excited and attentive.

This might not happen every day, but it can certainly beat spending fourteen days in a row laying on a sun lounger. You might be surprised just how well this works.

Consider Your Social Battery

If you’re an introvert, then it might be that planning your holiday around your social battery can help you have more fun when you do attend parties, events, and gatherings, and then offset that with a day to recuperate and relax. 

If you can plan along these lines, then you might have more energy for both, and enjoy them more, too.

With this advice, you’re certain to enjoy traveling while preserving your beauty, self-care and health habits.

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