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Let me tell you a tale…A Tale of Two Risottos! When I was working for Victoria’s Secret at the Garden’s mall, I would always walk by the Brio Tuscan Grill and while I never went in as I was always running in to work or rushing out to get my daughter from school, I kept telling myself I had to try it someday….There were people always going in and out so I thought that with that constant traffic, the place would be worth trying. Unfortunately, for one or another, I just never got around it until a couple of weeks ago when I was asked if I would be interested in visiting Brio Tuscan Grill and try their new menu items, two different risottos that have just been added to the menu.


Would I ? Absolutely! My husband is a risotto fan, so we grabbed the whole family and headed to the restaurant right before my trip out of the country and I need to say that we all had an amazing experience. From the staff, the food, to the environment, everything was great. So, let me tell you a little about our experience at the Brio Tuscan Grille.

Brio Tuscan Grille

Tuscan, as you might assume is a reference to Tuscany, one of the most famous cities in Italy for good Italian cuisine.
We arrived to the restaurant right on time for our 7:00 PM reservation and the hostess immediately showed us to our table which was big enough for my daughter, her best friend whom was having a sleepover, DH, the baby and me (the baby and stroller stood in the hallway).

Right after our arrival, we got to meet the GM, Tyson, who is very personable and took time from his busy schedule to answer some of our question…He even answered my daughter’s questions( thanks Tyson).

We had a couple of appetizers: A nice Salad and fried calamari…. This was the best calamari I’ve had since I moved here from the south of Spain! And it comes accompanied by both a marinara and an aioli sauce (which was to die for).

rissotto salad
Calamari rissotto

Best risotto in town 

Since the main reason of our visit was to try the risottos on the menu, they brought us one of each.

The first was selection was a Cold Water Lobster Tail with Shrimp Risotto….Which as you can guess, is a risotto with shrimp, and it also has mushrooms, roasted red peppers, asparagus, basil and Parmesan topped with a broiled Maine lobster tail.


I usually do not order risotto anywhere as I really think that not everybody can master making a good risotto, but let me tell you, this risotto was cooked perfectly. The rice, the shrimp and the lobster were cooked just right and the texture and flavors where just amazing!


They served the Cold Water Lobster Tail with Shrimp Risotto with a glass of their recommended pairing, which was a Conundrum 25th Anniversary White wine Blend which is the perfect wine for this dish…I am not claiming to be a wine expert, but this wine is soft and tasteful and goes in really good with the lobster risotto. The wine states that It lures you in with scents of apricot, pear and honeysuckle, and if you’re paying attention, orange and lemon meringue pie. I definitely tasted some fruit flavors, and the balance was just excellent and I must warn you, that if you order this wine, you might just grab a bottle, because you’ll be going back for a second glass.

The second risotto dish was a pan seared sea scallops served over a ratatouille inspired risotto with roasted eggplant, red pepper, zucchini, tomato compote, basil and Reggiano…As hard as it is to find a good risotto, finding a good ratatouille can be even equally hard, but the chefs at the Brio Tuscan Grill have managed to master the making of both dishes to perfection. Actually both risottos were so good that DH and I kept trading plates unable to pick a favorite. Both of us agreed this was the best meal we’ve had in a long time!

scacllops rissotto

Scallops rissotto

The recommended wine pairing for the Sea Scallops and Ratatouille Rissotto is a Conundrum 25th Anniversary Red Blend that can be bought by the glass; both the red and the white wine are 11.95 a glass.

Great food at a great price

The risottos as amazing as they are they are just 19.95 which is an amazingly good price for such a delicious meal! If you have a Brio near you, I highly recommend you give this a try, and I’m sure you’ll be thanking me for this.

The tale of two risottos is a special that they are running till March 27th. So hurry now and make your reservation to try this out.

The girls ordered a burger and pasta which was really good also…And when we thought that nothing could top the dinner, they brought in dessert: Coconut cheesecake, chocolate lava cake and a Crème Brulee that was also delicious!


Needleless to say this was just my first visit to the Brio Tuscan Grille, but certainly not the last one!
Did I say how much we loved this place? 

The Brio Tucan Grille  has several locations, find if there is one close to you!

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