I know it seems that I have gone MIA, but the truth is that trying to adapt to the new situations and online schooling for 2 kids including a 4-year-old has not been a walk in the park and has thrown me off balance which I am sure, many can relate to.
With the whole COVID 19 scenario, many people have had to find ways to cope and distract themselves Yes, I am talking about staying at home and social distancing.
I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who has noticed a steady increase of people taking on new hobbies and activities to do something productive or creative with their new “ found” time on their hands.

DIY to keep you busy

Since going out is not an option right now, online classes and DIY are a great alternative for many people. While I was already very engaged with DIY projects before the pandemic started, I am DIY crazy at the moment and find it really rewarding and was more than willing to invest some of my free time.
Gardening is a great therapy
I love plants and started collecting house plants about a year ago and my plant craze has well multiplied since staying at home all the time.

One thing led to another

I use terracotta pots which I paint in Navy blue to keep the same décor tone but that can get pricey and I started to look for alternative ways to display my plants.

My cactuses and succulents

I have a nice selection of succulents which by the way are really underrated as these are incredibly beautiful and there are even blooming varieties out there.

The tools

Back in December I got a cordless drill and man this girl loves her power tools!The drill was nice, but it only made me realize that adding some other tools would open new creative doors for me.
I do realize that when you think of power tools you think of men, but that as with many other things has changed and more and more women are jumping into the DIY wagon and tackling those forever going honey-do lists!
In the last few weeks, I added a couple of new power tools to my collection to make my DIY projects even easier to manage and accomplish.
I have been working on a log display ( actually a few of them) for my succulents and started by drilling holes in a piece of log I had laying around, but quickly realized that a saw was in order to complete some of my projects.
I do most of my DIY project on the side of the house as it is fairly shaded and I have a nice working space, but I do not have a power outlet in that space.

Not having a power source, does not represent a problem as I use a small cordless saw…I love that thing!

My drill is also cordless and once I tried it, I knew that cordless was the way to go and got myself a sweet 3/8” WORXSAW which is a compact yet powerful circular saw that is great for all kinds of DIY projects.

The saw might be compact, but it is a nice working saw and while the smaller size and design is just perfect for a beginner like me, it is a true power horse.

Thank goodness for power sharing!

As you can imagine, a good power source is vital for working with a saw, and I realized that interchangeable battery packs are the way to go when I got my switchdriver back in December, so now my saw can share batteries with my drill so I can always have a battery charging while another is in use.
Because once I start I do not want to stop, I added a 40V share volt battery to my tools to extend the battery life between charges!

Then to make things easier to work on, I set up my folding work table that I use not only as a sawhorse but also as a portable workbench on the side of the house and now there are no excuses to get to work!

Saying that I love this workbench would be an understatement, as I use it for so much more than it is intended to, and that covers everything from potting to sawing!

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