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It seems to me that the times when a little girl would sit down and have a good old time with pretend time play with her doll is becoming a thing of the past, because most dolls now days are app enabled and batteries are required.

Baby born gives those looking for a simpler doll – kid experience, the opportunity to have a good time with a cute little doll that does not work with an app or requires batteries.

Not your regular doll

While the Baby born doll resembles those dolls from a few years back, it is not what you would have usually found as they have improved the doll/ kid interaction by adding some lifelike functions.

The dolly can be fed, pees, cries tears and poops …It is a lot of fun to see a little girl taking care of her doll and changing her diaper or put her down for a nap.

A few years ago, when we decided to have a second child, we bought my daughter a little doll so she could play with and take care of, but it was certainly nothing like this doll and I wish I would have found something like this back then to have a more realistic parent and child role-playing experience. This can certainly help prepare a sibling for their new brother or sister that might be joining the household.

Meant for kids 3+ plus, the doll comes in different skin tones and comes with a series of extras like : birth certificate, bottle, pacifier, diaper, plate, spoon, potty seat, and baby food packet to make this doll a fun playmate.

You can add more accessories like a cute little bathtub and extra diapers and food to keep the doll happy and always clean.
This is certainly a nice refreshing alternative to battery operated toys and video games, a nice way to encourage pretend play for young girls.

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