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For hospital workers, patients can be non-stop, and they can’t afford to slow down. Read more about hospital workers when you click here. They need to attend to the needs of someone who was just admitted to the emergency room.

The nurses need to check pulses or give the appropriate medicine to the patients in the ward every hour. Some surgeons will need to operate another patient within minutes of finishing the surgery of another.

Life in the hospital can be a never-ending of meeting the needs of people who are sick or have injuries.

This is why most hospital workers should consider their health and how they can attend to the needs of their patients without being too hard on themselves.

One of the needs of most doctors, nurses, or any healthcare professional is to wear shoes that are comfortable and safe. Here are some reasons why workers need to choose their footwear carefully.

Why Footwear is Important in Hospitals

1. Avoid Corns and Callouses

Corns are skin growth, which was the result of too much pressure on the feet. They are commonly found on the toes or at the bottom side of the feet.

They are the result of an ill-fitting shoe, and they can be round, deep, and broad. What one can do is to find shoes such as the ones found in Clove shoes for healthcare providers that have removable insoles. The insole should be made up of soft material. If possible, there should be enough ventilation under the toes.

2. Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most dreaded problems of many people who work in the medical industry. If you are one of those who don’t want to be hunchbacked for the rest of their lives, then you can choose shoes that have low heels.

You should never wear high heels as part of your uniform, and if it is required, select something that has only two centimeters so that it won’t be too high. This way, the balls of the feet won’t carry much weight. A stable balance is one of the keys to avoiding back pain in the long run.

3. Protection from Substances

In a hospital setting, blood, chemicals, and other contaminants can pose a dangerous hazard for anyone. Therefore, a worker should choose footwear that will protect his feet from coming in contact with spills and other liquids.

Some drugs contain toxic substances as well as deadly microorganisms from an infected ward. The slightest mistake can lead to death, so it is essential to cover the feet entirely for protection.

4. Prevent One from Slipping

There are times when the floor is too wet that it comes to the point of becoming slippery. When one slips, he will not only be a laughingstock in the workplace, but he will also place himself in danger with the exposure to contaminants.

For safety against slips, the sole must have a pattern drawn at the back and front. The drawings and pattern will facilitate the grip factor of the shoes, and slipping unnecessary can be prevented.

5. Great Design

One of the most critical factors that many consider in choosing shoes is the looks. Choose something that is not only designed for hospital use. It should also have a good appearance.

No one wants to have shoes that are covered in liquid. As most workers wear white shoes, it is recommended to choose one that is easily washable, and it should be waterproof. Good crocs will always make any shift worthwhile. Read more about why nurses wear crocs here:

6. Comfort

As mentioned before, support is essential, especially when one is trying to last for a whole day while on hospital duty. Most workers move a lot, and they should be able to move quickly and with as much energy possible.

Therefore, light shoes are more comfortable compared to the heavy ones. There should be no chaffing that is caused by stitches that were not made well. The inside of the sandals should be soft, but the grip is firm.

When choosing the right footwear, there are other things to consider, such as good hold and breathing.

The most important thing is to choose the one that is approved by the hospital while it will feel light on the foot. You can find more options when you go online and discover more.

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