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The bedroom. There are moments even the most confident of us can lose a little self-assuredness when it comes to retiring to the most intimate room in the house.  There are lots we can do, such as making sure we take care of our health, perhaps purchasing some new underwear to bring out our inner diva or even indulging in a pamper session to relax and revitalise.


This is all well and good, but if the object of your concern is the room itself, then there is nothing that can dampen the mood more than a busted boudoir!


Dimmed and Desired

If you already lack in body confidence, feeling scrutinised under the glare of a 100 watt light bulb. How about installing a dimmer switch, or bypass the main light and light a few scented candles. Regardless of whether you like it with the lights on or off, opt for soft, low lighting. This flatters all figures and adds ambience to the room.


Sense and Sensuality

Once you have dealt with the lighting, look to stimulating your other senses. Lightly fragranced candles, silk sheets and velvet cushions are all possibilities; the idea is to enhance and enrich your new boudoir.


You could just add a drop of your favourite essential oil such as jasmine to a plain candle for a DIY approach to aromatherapy, or for a budget-friendly boost drape a velvet throw over your current bed sheets if you can’t afford silky new ones. Go all out for a sensory overload of sexual and romantic vibes!


Painted Perfection

Recent studies have discovered that the bedroom colour considered “most sexy” is purple which is closely followed by red. If that all seems  a bit much for all four walls, try painting a statement wall of orange, pink or rich and burgundy, or just look at buying your bedding in these colors or hues.


Bedding Down

Does your bedroom furniture need a revamp? Laying back on a mattress that sags and sends you both to the middle or a ten-year-old frame that just needs updating can do wonders for your dynamic desires, and it doesn’t t have to cost the earth either. Take a good look and write up a furniture for bedroom list before taking action and making your boudoir bling.


Ban It Or Bin It

The pile of “stuff” that you planned on sorting yet has been sitting on top of your wardrobe for the last two months? Well, it’s time to get into action and move it, better yet if it’s been sat there with no use then throw it away. This will permit you to concentrate on having a good night, without feeling distracted by your dirty washing and this will lead on to the two of you focusing on each other, and not the trash that’s all around.


As parents, we often forget to be lovers too and ten to leave the lust in the dust. It’s crucial to focus on each other, every once in awhile. This will not only bring you closer as a couple but also makes every room in the house happier for the rest of the occupants.