#CraneHumidifier #DropShapeHumidifier
 #CraneHumidifier #DropShapeHumidifier
 #CraneHumidifier #DropShapeHumidifier
 #CraneHumidifier #DropShapeHumidifier

Did you know that young children commonly get about 6 to 8 colds and upper respiratory tract infections each year….. The FDA and Pediatricians recommend not giving over the counter cough and cold medicine to children under the age of six because of the risk of overdose.

For cold and flu symptoms the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend a cool mist humidifier, saline nasal solution, and a bulb to suction the nasal mucus. A cool mist humidifier is preferred over a warm mist because the water does not boil (thereby making it safer).

Humidifiers can help:

• Loosen nasal congestion

• Ease Dry Coughs

• Soothe Itchy Dry Skin

• Moisten Chapped Lips

• Prevent Nose Bleeds

Helps with Overall Cold and Flu Symptoms In our case the humidifier is actually a great addition for the whole family as DH suffers from allergies and often gets very congested….The ladybug is now congested and on the process of getting a cold pretty much every other week (or so it seems) and it has been like that since she started school….And you have me whom gets a cold with the smallest drop in temperature so…needless to say we welcome any help coming our way specially with the cold and flu season on top of us.

 Crane Humidifiers has the cutest selection of humidifiers I have come across and with a catalog that includes adorable animal shapes or a more simple, yet trendy Drop Shape Humidifier to cover your décor needs…I was given the opportunity to try one of their Drop Shaped Humidifiers which comes in 5 different colors….Since the humidifier will be used by the adults in the family also, I opted for the white color.

As I said the humidifier has a really cute design and is compact enough so you can use it in places with limited space. While the unit is very easy to operate, I will highly recommend you take a look at the manual as it guides you through the best way to set up your humidifier and make sure you get exactly what you are looking for from your unit.

One thing you should know about this humidifier, is that the mist can be adjusted, also good to know is the fact that the machine will turn off when empty, but the light on the device will remain lit. You can actually see the mist coming out of the unit if when used on a higher setting…The manufacturer recommends a medium setting for best results.

The humidifier is really quiet ….it makes a really low humming sounds that is almost unperceivable and can help people that need a bit of white noise when going to bed….I really like the unit and another thing that I really like is that the humidifier does not use a filter and it is actually very easy to clean.

The water tank capacity is 3.4 liter/ 0.9 gallon with a running time per tank of a minimum of 11 hours, the moist output is about 2.3 gallon/ 8.7 liter per day.
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