When I was little, there were a lot imaginative, storytelling types of games…yes I know that was a long time ago, but truth is that does games were a lot of fun and kids could actually learn a thing or two while having fun.
I am a big advocate of pretend play and like to give my kids the opportunity to have fun the way we used to in the good all days, where there were no computers, smartphones or tablets to take must of my free time.


Kids are introduced very early to technology and sometimes is really hard to get them away from them, so I for once, limit the amount of time my daughter can use her computer and want to make sure she does other things like reading in her free time…A few weeks ago I was introduced to Tall Tales: The Game of Infinite Storytelling.
Tall Tales: The Game of Infinite Storytelling is a creative, non- competitive story telling games for players of different ages.



The game is really engaging and features a 3-D game that includes 50 detailed game pieces, 24 full color story cards and a story bag to store game pieces. The game can be played in different ways and it is a lot of fun for anyone playing and anyone just watching how the players put together a story as the draw different pieces of the game.

I love this game and it is one of the most fun games I have found in a long time, but what I really like about the game, is not just how much fun it is, but how I can fuel the kids imagination and creativity…I think this is a great ladder for kids that need to work on stories at school, a great way to get them to be more comfortable with creating a piece for school and even narrate an event…they can learn that narrative can be a lot of fun.

With 5 different ways to play, the sky is the limit and your kids will quickly fall in love with this well though game that can be played without Wi-Fi, cables or batteries!

The game includes: 50 detailed game pieces, 24 full-color story cards, and story bag and has a retail price of $34.95 and it is on sale right now for $27.96.

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