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I guess that you can say that my jewelry style is very eclectic as I don’t have a really defined jewelry style. I do however like my jewelry to be unique and out of the ordinary, so I am always looking for pieces that would make a statement in some way.

Sterling silver for me

If I have to pick a preferred metal, then sterling silver it is and in my jewelry box you will find different styles of sterling silver pieces. Some of them are very simple and great for everyday wear and some of them are a bit more elaborate and perfect for special occasions.

The truth is that I am always looking for new jewelry pieces for my collection and I like to add different pieces to make a unique collection and try to add something to my collection every few weeks.

One thing I have been looking for is a piece of jewelry inspired by Native American culture…I love the way they use the eagle feather and add this sacred symbol to jewelry making a creative unique and beautifully hand-crafted piece of jewelry like the Sedona Sky sterling silver and turquoise ring I found at the Bradford Exchange store.

The Sedona ring features a beautifully crafted sterling silver ring with a large turquoise cabochon, with textured eagle feather designs and hand-enameled accents to complete the look on this ring that was crafted with great attention to detail and beautiful craftsmanship.


The unique turquoise ring is the perfect combination of Native American-inspired jewelry and striking contemporary style that can easily be implemented in many different clothing styles as a statement piece.

On the sides of the ring, you will find hand-enameled red, black and turquoise colors that add an original touch and allows you to incorporate this ring into your wardrobe.

The ring can easily be combined with jewelry pieces of different styles.

Ready for gift giving

The Sedona sterling silver ring comes in an elegant box with the Bradford Exchange logo and a certificate authenticating that your Sedona Sky ring, is an original from The Bradford Exchange!

A great gift for any occasion

The ring would make a great gift for any special occasion for a special someone or for yourself…I tend to give myself small presents every now and then and this ring is certainly a beautiful addition to my jewelry box.

The ring is available in sizes 5-12 and available in half sizes to match your needs.

The Sedona Sky ring is just one of the many items available in the Bradford Exchange catalog which includes a really wide selection of unique presents for all seasons and occasions!

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