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The most iconic element of every office is a water dispenser. It’s the place where the gossip happens, and everyone gathers at that precise spot. Every employee needs at least a five-minute break every hour, and the best place to take it is by the water dispenser. It’s essential to stay hydrated, and every once in a while, you take a stroll to this iconic place. But, a few people have incorporated this item into their own homes as well. Since no one is a fan of tap water, this machine has made its way out of the office and into our homes.

The difference between a cooler and a dispenser

Here’s a fun fact. Both of these are water dispensers, but only one is a cooler. Both of them work on a similar principle, and the only difference is whether they work on electricity or not. It’s an amusing irony that voltage is the main factor that differentiates water machines. The one that’s plugged in a socket is a cooler. And that makes sense. It takes power to make a liquid from room temperature cold or hot. Both of these types support all the standard bottles. They can be two, four, or five gallons. And it doesn’t matter if it’s distilled, treated, or potable spring water. Click here if you would like to learn more.

Why should you add this to your office?

Most offices have different departments. And we all know how it goes. Most of them are connected to each other, but there is a bit of hate between them. For example, you expected some documents from the accounting sector, and they are always late, but you need to send them in an hour. These types of situations create hostility in the workplace. And nobody likes that. It’s not suitable for the employees, and it’s not good for the employers.

As a matter of fact, Steve Jobs attributes the success of Pixar to the communication between departments. That’s the key to happiness as well. And everyone is more productive when they are happy. You can do all of this by incorporating an all-new water dispenser. It will be new, and it will give people something to talk about.

It’s a great way to break the ice between people who don’t know each other that well. Nobody likes an office full of robots who sit there for eight hours and type on a keyboard. There are more things to do, and communication is what makes time fly.

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What are some other benefits?

The next thing is the quality of the water. It’s merely superb when compared to any other type of tap water or bottled water. That’s due to the fact that a water dispenser has a filter built into it. There is no room to compare them because the filters do such a fantastic job. The liquid you’ll be drinking will be a few classes above what goes into the pipes. And, nobody exactly knows how dirty the ducts are, and how old they are as well.

Most cities have an infrastructure that is older than fifty years. And, at that time, everything was made of metal. By now, that has corroded, and if you drink it, all those small particles enter your body and create problems. Even if the pipes are modern and they are made of plastic, there is still a factor that contaminates them.

That’s why you need to filter all the water that goes into your body. It’s 70 percent of our molecular structure. And the cleaner it is, the healthier you will be. You can search online for products like Brio Premiere Platinum 500 Series.

The things that make dispensers stand out are their enormous benefits. When you buy one, you get a five-year warranty with it. As well as that, they’re made of stainless steel which will never corrode. All of them have systems installed to diminish spiling, and that’s incorporated into the stainless steel frame as well. This significantly improves the longevity of the product. Furthermore, the capacity is outstanding, and all of them are straightforward and easy to operate.

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