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I have always loved, and posted a few times, using pictures as a form of décor. I love the warmth a photo can bring to a specific room in a home and I try to have a few nice photos of my family taken every year. I can record how the kids are growing and changing…They grow so fast!

Photos and canvas also make a nice gift and this year I decided to give my grandparents, from both sides. a nice canvas with one of the family photos we took a couple of months ago.

After some thought, I decided to go with a 16×20 Premium Gallery Wrap Canvas for these special holiday gifts.

Canvas on Demand 16×20 Premium Gallery Wrap Canvas

I was excited to see how easy it was to upload the image and have my canvas ordered in no time at all. The website and the process are really user-friendly, making ordering a breeze which is exactly what I need during this busy time of the year.


I received my order fast and was really pleased with the final product! The colors stay true to the original photo and my high-quality prints look amazing. Better yet, you can get 60% off Premium Gallery Wrap Canvases, Coloring Canvases, and more with discount code:  USFAM.

At these prices, I also added a very unique coloring canvas…I didn’t even know that something like that existed, but I loved the idea!

My mom loves painting and birds, so I decided to be extra nice and get her a beautiful peacock canvas by Valentina Ramos that she will be able to color herself.

They have a great selection of these coloring canvasses, so you are sure to find one no matter your style and décor preferences.

I am considering getting my mother-in-law an adorable hummingbird and a mermaid for my daughter as she also loves painting and is a huge mermaid fan…What girl isn’t!

So, if you are considering getting some canvasses as holiday gifts, or to add to your own home décor, this is the time to do it as these prices are unbeatable! It is hard to even find a nice looking frame for that amount of money and this canvas really looks amazing on the wall!

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