When the summer vacation hits, kids who may have been getting all their exercise in the playground or from sports at school are suddenly stuck at home. Finding ways to keep kids active at home isn’t always an easy task.

Sometimes, we don’t have big yards for them to play in or local parks to take them to with ease. These four tips for keeping kids active at home are easy, accessible, and, most importantly, lots of fun for you and your family.

  1. Look for active toys and games

Not all toys and games have to keep you stuck in your seat. If you’re searching for great gifts and toys for kids, there are plenty of options that encourage everyone in the family to move about.

Twister is the classic active game for kids, but there are loads of new ones out there that both you and the kids will love. My favorites are Beat That! and Throw Throw Burrito. If you and your family have been stuck at home all day, active games and toys are a fun way to get you all moving in the comfort of your living room.

  1. Add physical activity to your morning routine

We’re told again and again that exercising in the morning is great for your health. Whilst I’m not suggesting that you drag the kids out of bed at 6 am for a morning jog, there are some fun ways to incorporate physical activity into your morning routine.

You and the kids can dance whilst brushing your teeth, do jumping jacks around the breakfast table, or do a different yoga move when you get out of bed each day.

  1. Do a treasure hunt

A treasure hunt is a fun way to get you and the kids off the sofa and hunting around the house, yard, or local park. Hiding treats around the house is a great way to get going, but you could get even more creative.

Creating a treasure map of the house is a fun way to encourage activity and map-reading skills. You can incorporate other educational games in this, such as labeling each room in a different language or creating secret passcodes for each room that the kids can discover through a clue.

If coming up with clues isn’t your forte, this list of treasure hunt clues for kids is the best place to start.

  1. Hop on the latest dance trends

Let’s face it, TikTok has meant that any young person with a smartphone is viewing the latest dance trends. What’s great about this, however, is dancing is a fun way to connect with your kids, their interests, and keep everyone active.

Find a trendy TikTok dance, such as one from this list, and learn it together. Once you’ve perfected your moves, prop up your smartphone and film you and the kids performing! Learning the dance together will be a great memory and the video will be loved by family and friends – as well as your kids.

Games, dancing, and treasure hunts are just some of the ways we can keep our kids active at home. It’s so important to encourage our kids to stay active, especially when so many of us as adults still struggle with it. By incorporating fun into exercise, you can foster a life-long love of it.

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