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We all have our favorite pieces of “go-to” clothing and accessories for each season. Now is the time to hang up the coats, put away the scarves, boots, and bust out your must-have spring favorites to rock your style.

Finding unique pieces that match your personality and lifestyle would make a huge difference in how you put together your outfits, along with the final result.

The right kind of accessories

Truth is, if you asked me a few years ago about my favorite accessories, watches would be on the bottom of the list if they made the list at all. A lot has changed in the watch world over the last few years and we can now find some really cool watches that make the top of the list when it comes to accessories.

Wood watches

My idea of cool watches is a watch that is unique and stands out from the rest. A timepiece that does a lot more than tell time, can you think of something as unique for an accessory than a wood watch?

While I never really paid attention to my watches before, I have become more aware of the cool watches out there now and have integrated the watch into my lifestyle. I realized what a great addition cool watches like the wooden watches really are.

Why are they so unique?

Have you seen the beautiful wood colors you can find in some of these watches? I was first introduced to a wood watch years ago and have gradually become a huge fan of the gorgeous timepieces that can help you project your unique lifestyle in a beautiful and trendy way.


Something for everybody

Brands like Jord Wood Watches have changed the way the world looks at watches now. They have delivered an array of cool watches for men and women at different prices to accommodate your budget.


They also made watches more personalized by offering the choice of adding a message to the back of the watch and the nice wooden box the watches come in.

Beautiful wood colors on your wrist

By utilizing different woods for their designs, Jord brings you a beautiful selection of different grains and textures from different woods around the world. Light colors, dark, multicolored is what you will find when looking at the different watch collections. Acacia, Bamboo, Ebony, Koa, Kosso, Maple, Olive, Rosewood, Walnut and Zebrawood are among the woods used to design these timepieces.

My Spring Choice

For this Spring season to rock any style with a new and attractive wood watch, I have chosen a striking Walnut and Rose gold watch from the Cassia line. A gorgeous, timeless, and trendy watch that will catch people’s attention anywhere you wear it.


Dress it up by adding a couple of matching bracelets or leave it as is for a clean and sophisticated look. Perfect for Spring and Summer!

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