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As the mother of a very curious 10 year old that is very drawn to YouTube, I am always concerned for her security and as much as I want to control what she watches and researches on the internet, I didn’t really have a way to insure she didn’t ended up on a site she didn’t need to be.

Our internet setting is probably not what an average family needs as the husband is a computer engineer and does a lot of his work from the house and he likes to keep tabs on the security…He has also decided to automate our home as much as possible and we have several smart devices throughout the house.

We decided that we needed a firewall that could handle all of our devices and give me a better handle on the daughter’s internet activity.

Here is where the CUJO Smart Firewall came into place.

CUJO Smart Firewall, internet protection

If I have to be honest, when I told the husband I was getting a CUJO Smart Firewall unit to try, he wasn’t really thrilled as in his mind the setting he had for the firewall was enough for his business needs and assumed would be sufficient for our household needs as well.

Data protection , internet safety

It took some convincing, but he reluctantly agreed to give it a try…A normal user should just be able to plug the smart firewall in and download the app and pretty much be done, but since our set up was far from average, we did encounter a couple of issues where we had to call the tech support.

smart home protection

Let me start by saying that if you do run into any problems with the install, do yourself a favor and call the CUJO tech support right away, this was by far one of the best and more knowledgeable tech support we have dealt with and they were able to connect to our unit and fix the issues we were having. The issue had to do with our router conflicting with the CUJO firewall, and the tech support resolved it from their side without any user interaction required which should be comforting to those that aren’t real tech savvy.

Once the unit is set up, and you have downloaded the app (on your iphone or android device), you will be asked if you want a tutorial of how the CUJO Smart Firewall works to which I said yes.


Once that is done, you will be able to see all your devices and even name them so that you can control each one (that’s what we were really happy about). Please be aware that it could take up to 48 hours for all of your devices to register (that will depend on how often they search for their DHCP address … a reboot of your device should make it show up with CUJO right away). That however was not our case and we had 23 devices ( yes, 23 devices), registered in about 12-15 hours.


After seeing what CUJO can do, the reluctant husband was no longer reluctant and he was overly impressed with the CUJO features and capability!

Security Features:

Safe Browsing (IP/DNS)

Command and Control blocking

Unauthorized access blocking

Antivirus and Antimalware

Behavior Analysis

Local+Cloud security layers

DoS attack protection

Protection of all devices on the network (like PC, Phone, TV, Camera and etc.)

Rule based protection

So let me make things simple and tell you that with the CUJO Smart Firewall, you can set up profiles, so you can create individual settings for each family members, and add names to each device in your home, so you can quickly and effortlessly take action on any of the devices.

You can also have time limits which allows you to control the time allowed for internet activities like social media and video streaming…While my daughter is not allowed on any social sites, it is awesome to know this is available when that time comes.

My favorite feature?

You can manage internet access by day and time…So when I say no computer on school days…I can make sure there is no computer (internet activity) on school days!

What do you get with the CUJO Smart Firewall

You get a fierce guardian that provides you with business – level Internet security that detects and blocks malicious sites and hacks. You can easily see the different threads that are being blocked right from the app which by the way is really user friendly, so anyone can manage it.

You get protection for all your devices no matter if you have one ( or 23), you can control all of them with one CUJO device.

Parental control to avoid inappropriate sites and apps…And let’s not forget the access schedules!

The CUJO also features a Gigabit Ethernet ports that prevents it from slowing down your internet.

CUJO has the capability to connect with your router by following the step by step instructions…Again very user friendly and remember that the tech support is amazing and really easy to work with.

The free mobile app allows you to control the CUJO and it is available for iOs and Android. While the CUJO can only be accessed from a smart phone and not a desktop, I was told that there are a few different updates in the works and access from a computer, was one of them!

If you currently have port forwarding on your router, the CUJO can handle that as well. We also questioned the folks at CUJO about VPN capability and we were informed that they are constantly improving the firmware and what your CUJO will do, and acting as a VPN server is in the works and should be available before the end of the year.

Compact and modern, the CUJO is one small devices with great features and you can get your own CUJO for $249.00 and it is on sale right now for $219.99 which is a great price for this device! There are different modes, but this is the price point for the firewall with no monthly fees 😊.


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