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Everyone loves their house to be clean and tidy, however in reality achieving this on a daily basis can seem a near impossible task. This is even less achievable when you have children, it doesn’t matter if your children are toddlers or teenagers, most are notoriously messy!


Cleaning your house isn’t glamorous, despite what the 1950’s adverts tried to tell housewives. It is also a little boring and time consuming. If time is really difficult to find, it may be time to hire expert help from maid cleaning services. This could be for a weekly clean or a daily pop in service.


There are tips and tricks to getting your house ship shape on a daily basis, some of which we will visit in this article.



Grab a bin bag and start at the top of your house. Visit all rooms and dispose of trash and empty bins into the bag. It’s amazing how much clutter accumulates in one day. Remove empty shampoo bottles, toilet roll tubes and dirty pots. Clear sides by putting away books and papers etc. Put toys away into toy boxes and ensure clothes are hung up and shoes are tidily put away


Collect cleaning equipment

Put all necessary cleaning equipment such as polish, dusters, bathroom cleaners, glass cleaners and cleaning wipes into a box that is easy to carry. Then start at the top of the house and visit each room, polishing sides and mirrors, wiping away smudges on windows and anti bac wipes on door handles. Concentrate a little more on the bathroom, but don’t do a deep clean as this is a quick daily clean. Wipe around sinks, taps, toilet, bath and shower and quickly wipe ties around the toilet. Put cleaning fluid into the toilet and you’re good to go!


Complete the same process in the living room areas and front door area.



It is important to keep your kitchen clean and tidy for hygiene reasons, so a little more effort is needed. Clear pots and stack them in the dishwasher if you have one, if not wash pots by hand. Fill sink with soapy water and wipe down all sides and kitchen appliances. Follow with an anti bac spray. Sweep away crumbs and use floor wipes for a very quick floor clean. A thorough mop can be done when you have more time. Wipe around sink, change dish cloths and put bleach down the drain if you wish.



Finally vacuum the whole house from top to bottom, this should be an easier task as you have decluttered and cleaned first. To make vacuuming even easier there are robot vacuum cleaners to do the job for you!


Although these tips sound fairly time consuming once a routine is established you will whizz through it. Even better would be to delegate tasks to other family members and encourage them to clean up after themselves! Perhaps your children could earn their pocket money by washing up or keeping their rooms tidy? Younger family members may even enjoy helping you to clean, although expect the task to take 10x longer to complete!

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