Creating a focus wall in any room of your home is a lot easier and inexpensive than you might think. You can use photos of your family, a trip, and even your pet to create a warm and inviting spot in any room of your home and here are three ways you can use photos to decorate or personalize any room of your house.


Making a favorite photo or photos into canvas is one of my all times favorites and a very easy way to make a plain wall into a focus wall.


Take into consideration the size of the wall before ordering your canvas and also the background of the photo you are using so it enhances your décor even though I must add that canvas blends really well with basically any color scheme you have. This is especially true if the canvas you are using is a photo of a person, just keep the framing simple. I prefer a wrap in order to frame my canvas as it does not take anything away from the photo. You want to showcase and give a simple, clean finish to your canvas that would easily blend with pretty much any décor and style you have in your home.

Collage Frame

A collage frame is another simple way to make a wall into a focus wall and maybe showcase a special event or mile stone. The first thing to consider is the color of the frame as you want it to match your current furniture and color scheme.


The second step is to decide if you want all the photos in your frame to be the same size…You can have bigger photos of meaningful moments and create a story with smaller photos around that one image…It is a way to tell a story without words.

Laydown all your photos in the order you want them to be displayed before setting up your frame so you can visualize the final product.

Wall Picture frames

I love creating my own collage and to play around with the way it would look on my walls. This is something you can’t really do with a collage frame as they are already set in certain way, but using different frames gives you the freedom to create your own design.


Find a frame style you like (you want simple non-elaborated frames) to create your designs…Michaels had a great deal on frames. I purchased 6 of their 8 x 10 frames that are usually $16.99 for only $5.00 each.

You can buy any frame color and design that best matches your décor and personality…One thing I would recommend, is to always get a couple of extra frames in case you want to add more photos down the road and want all the frames to be the same (I recently created a display wall of the kids and wanted to add a couple of more photos…The frame style is not available any longer and now I cannot add any more photos of that design). So keep a couple of frames in storage, especially if you get them at a discounted price. Frames are on sale at Michaels right now (50% off and extra 15%off your purchase).

The beauty of using individual frames is that you can play with your design and make the focus point as big or small as you want while creating the shape you want.

Note I used command hanging strips to do all my projects and love them (if you have a Sam’s club near you, they carry a 48 pack for about $12.00), that’s the best price I could find!

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