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Jeans have been a part of our culture for close to 150 years. While they started as working clothes, they transitioned into statement apparel and later in into big fashion items. Today, jeans are considered casual wear and worn on a daily basis for a large percent of the population worldwide.

Jeans have been a huge part of the fashion and apparel scene for a long time, and their story keeps evolving with new designs and styles added to the ever-changing fashion world.

Denim is Key

While many people will refer to items made from denim as “jean clothing,” the reality is that denim is the name of the fabric used to make the beloved jeans, jackets, shirts, purses, bags, and many other items and accessories.

No matter what you call it, denim apparel is here to stay, and each season we get brands such as KUT from the KLOTH that offers an amazing selection of jeans in the traditional blue along with different fun colors and prints.

Not All jeans Are Created Equal

The secret is in the fit. Jeans are made in different styles to fit different body types, and the world of jeans is always growing, with different fits often added. The trick to great-fitting jeans is to figure out the right fit for your body type.

The Most Popular Jean Styles and Who Should Wear Them

While different brands and designers come up with the own versions, these are the most popular jean fits:

• Skinny jeans are currently the hottest trend in the world of jeans, and as you can guess by the name, they are skin tight and have a snug fit and usually come in low, mid, and high rise waist cuts. Skinny jeans are body-contouring jeans that are very unforgiving, so if you have a round shape, these might not be for you. On the other hand, if you have a slim or hourglass shape, these would look amazing on you.

• Cropped skinny jeans are pretty much skinny jeans, but they end before your ankles. Many brands offer these with a cuff, which adds a unique touch to the look. If you are looking for a casual yet chic look, distressed, white, or black cropped skinny jeans will help you obtain that look.

• Straight leg jeans are jeans that, while fitted, are not as tight as skinny jeans, so they are more forgiving and a good choice for most body types.

• Jeggings are your leggings made out of denim. You would basically wear them the same way you wear a pair of leggings, which, for most, is with tops that hang below your hips or even tunics. They are as comfortable as leggings but have a dressier look, if you will, even though they are casual pants.

• Boot cut jeans are a must for the winter time. They have a straight fit that is narrow in the legs with the same circumference at the knee as at the hem to make room for your boots. • There have been some new styles of boot cut jeans hitting the market designed with millennial trends in mind.

• Boyfriend jeans fit loosely through the hips and thighs and get wider at the hem. These pants are very comfortable and flatter most body types. They make a great everyday jean—not too tight, not too lose. They look really good distressed and can be dressed up and down very easily. Boyfriend jeans are usually cuffed and are very in right now.

Denim is, of course, used in the making of many different clothing pieces, including tops. Kut from the KLOTH brings you one of the summer hottest styles—the cold shoulder—in the form of the Hayley Cold Shoulder Blouse, a lightweight denim top with white embroidery that looks amazing with white capris, skinny jeans, or even shorts depending on the weather. Wear this top with shorts or capris now and, as the temperature drops, add some length to the pants and switch to a dark color during the fall and winter.

Skinny Jeans for Fall and Winter?

The drop in temperature does not mean we need to drop our style, and jeans like the Diana Kurvy Crop Skinny is the perfect ally for anyone looking for an easy and stylish look. Designed for women with fuller hips and a smaller waist and crafted from medium-weight stretch denim, these jeans will be your go-to jeans for the next few months.

The Jean Jacket

The first denim jacket was created somewhere around 1880 by Levi Strauss, the famous founder of Levi’s. It was a huge fashion statement then, and it still is.

Jean jackets are here to stay, and there are many different styles to fit your style and preferences. My personal favorite is the Amelia Jacket. This jacket is lightweight and crafted in a medium wash, and it can be easily paired with any summer and fall look and dressed up or down as needed. It’s definitely a must-have for summer and fall. Crafted from cotton with a hint of spandex, this jacket is not only flattering but also very comfortable.

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