Easiest Ways to Administer CBD Oil for Pets

While it seems that your four-legged friend could eat anything, the truth is that dogs and cats can be just as picky. They are especially selective about medicines, but they also can be stubborn when it comes to food that they have not tried before.

CBD oils for pets are natural products that are very useful and safe for everyday use. But it must be admitted that the taste of pure oil is not the most pleasant for your pet. It has a grassy and earthy flavor. While it seems neutral to us, animals just don’t like it.

Although not the tastiest thing in the world, cannabidiol oils have many health benefits for your pet. More about these advantages find on the following link:


Some pet care manufacturers add natural flavors like beef, peanut butter, or bacon to make CBD products palatable to animals. A wide range of treats and soft chews infused with cannabidiol has been developed. Still, there are many reasons why you should deliver cannabidiol orally to your pet.

Ease Oral Administration

The best and purest form of cannabidiol is the oil. Besides, this product is the most convenient, because the liquid form can be administered in different ways – directly in the mouth or mixed with food or water. Just fill the dropper to the recommended amount, and empty it directly under the animal’s tongue.

However, things are not so simple sometimes. After tasting cannabidiol tincture for the first time, some animals will reject it next time. In these situations, you mustn’t put the dropper by force into the animal’s mouth. In addition to hurting your pet, they can easily bite you.

This method of administration is suitable for larger animals. Do not push the dropper into the mouth of cats and smaller dogs, as it will be uncomfortable to them. It is better to put cannabidiol liquid on a soft chew or in a food bowl.

In larger dogs, you can try direct administration of cannabidiol under the tongue. To please your furry buddy after delivering >Pet Hemp Company’s CBD oil for pets to them, give them favorite treats. That way, dogs will know that they will be rewarded after each dose of CBD.

Sneak CBD Tincture in Food Your Pet Likes

Mixing CBD oil with food is a less desirable option than oral administration. There is a chance that your furry buddy will not eat the entire meal; hence, not take the required dose of cannabidiol. Still, this method is the last option when the animal stubbornly refuses to put take CBD drops.

Start with lower doses of cannabidiol and smaller portions of food. This way, you will be sure that the taste of the oil will not stand out, and that your dog or cat will eat everything. Gradually, increase the portion, but also the dose of cannabidiol, until you reach the recommended amount.

This method of application is suitable for wet food because the oil can easily mix into the contents. If your pet prefers kibbles, simply pour CBD oil over them. But try to choose kibbles with an intense smell and taste. Your pup or cat will never notice the cannabidiol tincture in them.

‘Bait and Switch’ Method

Cats and dogs like to eat fresh meat or fish. Since these two foods have strong tastes, you can use them to make it cannabidiol delivery easier to your pet. These flavors will perfectly ‘coat’ the natural aroma of CBD oil.

Take two pieces of meat or fish, and put the prescribed dose of CBD liquid form on one. Give your pet the ‘clean’ piece of food first. Then, while they are still chewing, put meat or fish poured with CBD oil in their mouths. So the taste of this product will not stand out. If this method failed, here you can see other forms of cannabidiol that you can give to your picky pup or cat.

Make sure you give your pet quality CBD oils of proven origin. Always get these products only from trusted vendors. Only in this way will you get all the benefits of cannabinoids, and ensure quality and healthy life for your four-legged friend.

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