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My kids love their baths. Ever since I can remember, their bath time is their favorite time of the day and I like to make it as fun as possible for the little one, so I make sure he has a few toys to play with and have a good time.

Even better than plain fun bath toys, are fun bath toys that will also help your little one’s development. I particularly like toys that will help my little guy to improve his fine motor skills, hand – eye coordination, along with other features if possible.

A few weeks ago we got him an Edushape sensory hoops toy that is meant to improve the bath time fun while helping them to work on the already mentioned skills plus visual sensory development and tactile sensory development as well.

Simple yet fun

The sensory hoops is an easy to set up easy to play toy that delivers a lot more fun to my little guy than I had anticipated.


The sensory hoops consist of a floating multi- level hoop and 3 x 2 1\2 sensory ball that are easy to grab by little hands even when they are wet.

The 3 balls have different textures that are great for a  relaxing, stimulating massage. While the original intent of this toy is for your little one to play with it while having a bath, my little guy loves playing with it even after the bath time is done.   So even though I could take it apart for easy storage, I usually leave all the pieces together and let him play with it in the living room.

He loves throwing the balls through the hoop and even just playing with the balls by themselves.

The foam multi- level basket, is resistant to mold and mildew and does not absorb water which is great…I want his bath toys to be safe. Another thing I really like about these sensory hoops is that they maintain their shape pretty well and that as I mentioned before the fact that the little ones can also play with them outside the bathtub is also a plus.

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