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Anyone that works or has ever worked in the restaurant business or retail industry, knows how important a good pair of comfortable shoes are.

I went to college for hotel management and when I moved to Spain I worked in the restaurant and hotel industry for several years.

Standing on your feet for 8-10 hours at a time is not an easy thing to do while adding my flat feet to the equation…So I always made my shoes a priority and looked for comfortable, anti-slip shoes that offered a good foot support.

Finding such a shoe was not always easy to do, especially if you did not want to give up on style in the name of comfort.

The retail industry also has a fair share of standing in place and walking while working…I know I’ve been there before!
My brother, who lives in Italy, works in the hotel business and has to work for long hours on his feet. He is lucky enough not to have my flat feet issues, but he does have circulatory problems …. He needs to have good working shoes to help him through the workday.

Shoes for Christmas?

Whenever I shop for gifts, I try to really think what would be a great gift for the someone…I really think that getting something that is thoughtful, shows you care and have actually taken the time to think about that person.

Work shoes

Therefore, I take my time choosing a present for someone and this year I found the perfect gift for my brother. A pair of the Emeril Lagasse Men’s Royal slip-on shoes which are casual twin gore sneakers that are very comfortable and nice looking for work and everyday wear.

With a tumbled leather upper, a padded collar, and a pull tab for easy slip on, the Men’s Royals a really comfortable shoe.

I love the slip on design, but I love, even more, they are stylish and designed with the hospitality industry crowd in mind.

They are not only comfortable shoes, but are also stylish, slip-proof, and water resistant.

Although I do not work on my feet any longer, I enjoy a pair of comfortable shoes and you can see me with my Emeril canvas sneakers pretty much in any activity or event that requires walking around!

Now you know, if you have someone in the hotel, restaurant, or retail industry or simply like a nice pair of comfortable shoes, take a look at the Emeril catalog. Their shoes are available for men and women and have a very reasonable price tag!

Win it:

Emeril Footwear has kindly offered one lucky Born 2 Impress reader, the chance to win a free pair of of the Royal Slip-On Shoes ( men or women)!

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