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A few weeks ago, I had a big oh-oh… I was striping the metal front door of the condo to repaint it, and having a really hard time, so the husband brought home this acid that would facilitate the removal of the paint which it did, but it never occurred to me to cover the peep hole…As a result, some of the acid got on it and ruined and since apparently those cannot be replace and the husband refuses to get a new door ( according to him, these are a couple of thousand dollars), I had to find a solution to my inability to know who is a front door…

A camera could help?

A couple of months ago I did a feature for the EZVIZ mini and it is to the date, the best camera I have found for a very reasonable prize, so I though their new Mini trooper camera, might be the right fit for me and the answer to my dilemma!

The Wi-Fi camera is completely wire free

What makes this Wi-Fi camera different from any other W-Fi camera I have seen or try before , is the fact that the camera works with batteries and do not need of cables at all which makes it not only very convenient, but also easier to install in different locations that a wired camera could not be placed.


Setting up

The first step to the set up of your Wi-Fi camera would be to create a free account, I already have an account and the app installed on my phone, so the next step would be to add the new device.

The Mini Trooper Wi-Fi camera is actually comprise of two parts, the camera of course and a base station that looks like a giant bug and serves as a bridge between your Wi-Fi and the camera.

You can connect the base station via Ethernet or via Wi-Fi. I was able to easily connect the camera via Ethernet, but had some trouble connecting it to the Wi-Fi network, so I asked the husband for help setting this part up.


The Wi-Fi set up has more steps than it did with the Mini 360 camera, but they do have an easy step by step video on how to set up the camera which I am including here so you can see the whole process.

Installing the camera

Once the setup is finish you will need to install your camera, keep in mind that this camera has two different components that interact with each other to give you that truly wire free unit, so you will need to place the base in a range no greater than 300 feet for the two pieces to communicate with each other and work properly.

The camera has a pretty strong magnet on the back of the unit and it comes with a metal base which is what you will place on the wall or wherever you want to set up your camera, simple and hassle free.

The base will need a power outlet, but the actual camera works with batteries. You can use to or 4 batteries to power your camera, the 4 batteries if for extended life which can give you up to 9 month before you have to replace the batteries based on the settings. The more traffic you get the quicker the batteries will drain.

What the Mini Trooper can do for you

Once you have set up an install your camera, you have compact, weather resistant camera with High Dynamic Algorithm video technology, that is completely wire free , has audio recording capability, night vision, can send you motion alerts and takes shots or video that can be checked right from your phone and has Local Storage up to 128GB with MicroSD Card!


The image of the quality is prey good at and delivers a clear picture of the camera field of view; which features a 115 degrees wide angle lens.
I like the camera and functions and the one thing I would change on this unit, is the fact that batteries are not rechargeable; it would be great they offer rechargeable batteries. You can purchase rechargeable batteries on Amazon.

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