Put on some holiday films and relax.

To get into the Christmas spirit, nothing beats cozying up in front of a TV with some tasty snacks, hot drinks, and holiday movies. Why don’t you all choose a movie and spend the day watching them? A fun film for the whole family is A Match Made at Christmas movie. It’s also a great way for the whole family to spend some quality time together, catch up on work or school, and start getting excited for Christmas.

Bake some goodies

Together with the children, purchase some eggs, butter, flour, and sugar and bake some wonderful cakes and cookies. Giving them each a job will keep them busy and teach them skills they will need as they grow older. On the bright side, when the treats are done, you can relax and enjoy them. Have a look at the following recipes for winter cookies, and see how many of them you feel comfortable attempting. Baking treats and having the kids deliver them to relatives is another option. A great reason to go see your friends and family!

Decorate the house with the kids

It’s a great idea to take a paintbrush and give your walls a new coat of paint before the holidays. Get the kids to help paint the lower part of the house. Also, have them decide which toys and other things they want to give away so that their rooms are clear for the Christmas gifts they will get. Donating your kids’ old toys will help them understand the worth of their possessions.

Why not tidy your entire home so it’s clean and painted for spring?

Make some handicrafts.

Pull out the glitter and construction paper and get crafty with the kids. Making your homemade Christmas cards for the entire family out of cards and envelopes is a fantastic idea! Be cautious to lay something down to protect the table and the floor around it from any glitter or glue that may fall. It’s a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends, so bring the kids over!

If you have garden inhabitants, such as hedgehogs or birds, that would suffer in the winter, it’s a good idea to construct a small house for them. Stuff it with leaves and straw so they can stay toasty, too!

Create holiday decorations

Creating your own unique Christmas decorations is a fun and rewarding way to give your holiday a more personal touch this year. You can purchase clear baubles that are unadorned and decorate them whatever you choose using paint, little ornaments placed inside, glitter, or any number of other things. The youngsters may be given the task of designing place mats to be used for the Christmas dinner, which is another fantastic idea. Each subsequent Christmas would be more special if they had made their own unique place mats and placed their names on them.

This Christmas, why not attempt your hand at constructing your own door wreath to give an extra unique touch? Combined with some homemade paper snowflakes, this will make the outside of your house look very holiday-like.

Make the most of the snow.

In the unlikely event that Christmas Day turns out to be white, make the most of it! Participate with the other families in your neighborhood in a snowball war, make snow angels, and construct a snowman before you head home. Again, this will be a great chance to take some photos of the family for the scrapbook.

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