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If you would like to surprise your loved one this year with a getaway on your anniversary, you can book the perfect vacation if you start planning early. Timing is key, and there are plenty of ways you can make the break memorable. From luxury getaways to unusual themes and scenery; there are fantastic ways of surprising your partner and making the most out of the time spent together. Find a few tips below.

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  1. Compare Package Deals

Once you have a destination in mind or found out where your partner always wanted to go, it is time to go on travel comparison and review sites to get an idea of the package prices offered at different resorts. If you are planning on going on a tour, you will need to contact various operators and providers and choose the one that can accommodate your needs. Check Iceland Tours & Tours – G Adventures for special deals, and take a break near the volcanoes.

  1. Go All Inclusive

To make the most out of your vacation, and have a carefree vacation, you might want to book an all-inclusive getaway. You will not have to worry about eating out, or finding a good restaurant, but you can still celebrate the years spent together in style. It is also easier to budget if you go all inclusive. Find an upgrade that suits your needs and provides extra services that will make a huge difference.

  1. Book a Surprise

There is nothing more romantic than arriving at your hotel and finding a surprise. From special decoration to a bottle of cool champagne, candles lit in the bathroom, or something even more creative, you will make the vacation fully memorable if you talk to the hotel reception in advance and book something special for your arrival. Get the dinner served in the room, or order a romantic meal at the restaurant for the first night.

  1. Keep the Destination Secret

One of the best ways of making your anniversary getaway more memorable is keeping the destination a secret. This might be hard, but worth the effort and secrecy. Ask your partner to trust you with their passport details, and book the vacation, carefully hiding every trace. The first time they will learn about where you are heading will be at the airport, and they will be looking forward to finding out more.

  1. Avoid Over-Planning

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While some details of your vacation need to be planned, such as air travel, transport, and accommodation, you can leave some things to chance. Allow yourselves to discover new things and get inspired on the spot. Walk down the beach and drop in the local bar for a coffee, and if you like the atmosphere return in the evening to mix with the locals. Stay in bed all day if you feel like, and make the most out of the freedom.


Planning a romantic anniversary getaway takes a lot of planning. If you keep it a secret from your partner, make sure you know exactly what they like and what to avoid.

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