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Feeling great and beautiful is not an accident. It happens in response to the effort you lay down in the pursuit of making yourself feel and look better. It might mean spending time focused on these pursuits, or it might mean spending to acquire the items you most want. The fixtures of feeling great and beautiful are important to get right, lest you put effort in with little reward at the end of it.

We’d recommend the following tips if you hope to achieve this level of feeling wonderful in your own skin, and well maintained despite your busy life.

Have Me-Time

Have Me-Time

Me-time should be much more than time you spend in the morning getting ready for work, time during your commute, or time during a restroom break. Me time is something you need in your schedule. It should be time in which you are focused on something, be that entertainment, meditation, or reading. A great method of gaining me-time is to focus on your self-grooming techniques. For example, spending time in a long, sizzling bath using a bath bomb can help your skin feel pure, and this effort in itself is a meditation. It could be me-time you spend redefining your beauty schedule, such as discerning between the most appropriate of these 8 gel and water based moisturizers for combination skin – often finding what works is just as important as regularly applying it.

Grooming is an activity which is reflected in our primate cousins, and even in other animal species, meaning that it’s an activity life has found use in for untold thousands of years. With this perspective, it’s not hard to imagine why it feels so nice to relax while cleaning and pampering yourself. The act of doing this, while a task in itself, can make you feel a lot more connected and comfortable in your daily life.

Ask yourself – when was the last time I paid attention to me? If you have a busy home life, a busy career, and responsibilities to take care of, this could be months or even years. Change this as soon as you can. The longer you’ve gone without it, the more you should invest in great products and potentially time to spend on yourself. Go for a spa day, pamper yourself during a long bath while reading, or spend a weekend away with just you and your partner. You deserve to feel special, and sometimes in the effort to look after everyone else we forget we also have their same right for care and compassion.

Share Your Beauty

Obviously, upkeeping your beauty habits can be a fun time. It can also feel like a responsibility and burden. In order to feel great and renew your sense of enjoyment around your appearance, why not share in this act with someone else? If you have an older daughter, perhaps you could schedule time to do your makeup together in the morning. If you feel like losing weight, why not join the gym with a willing friend? You can be sure that the whole experience will be more reliably undertaken if you have someone else to rely on, and they have you upon which to rely.

If you desire, and you have the interest, why not blog or upload vlogs to YouTube about your skincare, makeup or beautification routine? There is always a willing audience for content like this, and who knows, you may bring something new to the table that other people haven’t. You might also connect with other people regarding the same interests, and this can inform your hobby all by itself.



The fundamental aspect of looking and feeling healthy is sleeping well. You need sleep to look your best. Even the most attractive supermodel will look a fragment of who she is without sleep. Sleep in itself isn’t the be all and end all of the matter however. You must also sleep with a high level of ‘resting hygiene.’ This means dressing your bedclothes well and in fresh linens, keeping your window slightly ajar during the evening time and reducing the influence of noise around you. It means regulating your temperature, limiting your exposure to blue light (which can affect circadian rhythms,) and generally taking the time to unwind before you do sleep.

Sleeping is also informed by a good diet and exercise. A sedentary lifestyle is unfortunately contrary to great sleep, because no energy burned means falling asleep is still useful, but less so. Your body doesn’t need it to repair as satisfactorily as it would otherwise. Exercise not only makes you look younger, trimmer and more active, but you can be sure that your ability to hit deep sleep and for that to be presented in the way your skin glows is guaranteed.

Lack Of Stress


People feel that lack of stress is always a great thing. This is not always the case. Stress can make us sharper, allow us to work better and with more focus, and give us a clarity of vision. However, being stressed all the time is far from advisable and enjoyable. If this sounds like you (and honestly, who doesn’t it sound like?) then you could benefit from destressing in a way that actually means something to you.

This means either cutting people out of your life who are negative and hurtful, to spending more time with your family members, to simply taking more walks in nature. You’ll be surprised how, without any makeup, this can improve your general levels of health and beauty. Looking in a mirror knowing you don’t have to worry about that friend who constantly denigrates will mean you see yourself beaming with relief and self-respect. This means something because attitude is always a part of feeling healthy and looking beautiful.

To explore this further:


Even those with a lack of facial or bodily beauty can still be the most beautiful person you have ever met. We all know someone like this. It’s why you love your grandparents to pieces. It’s why humility is often seen as one of the highest virtues. If you have a great attitude, you look and feel radiant. This is because it tempers your words and actions, and makes you strong. People willing to overcome their personal flaws through being mindful, and who always try to steer the course of their interpersonal actions towards encouragement and truth, even in hard times, will always be people who attract magnetic attention. It’s not easy to do this, especially if you have a pessimistic disposition, but it is extremely worth it through and through.

As the famous late Roald Dahl once said “A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts it will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” There is truth to that.

It might be that you could improve this in several ways. Consider how you approach people. Are you a good friend? Do you truly listen to them, or do you wait for your turn to speak? Do you try and inject humor into the conversation, or do you feel rather joyless? Are you always complaining or moaning about other people? Do you enjoy talking about hopes and dreams, or about things and objects? Of course, not everyone is perfect on every day, so don’t judge yourself too harshly. With the right awareness however you can change your social dialogue to a form more in keeping with the person you want to be. Instead of saying things that make you feel weak, you will continually be speaking your strength, and this is a powerful thing to behold in itself.

Before long, and with this advice, you will feel great and beautiful all of your days.

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