If you have any plant lovers or, more specifically, orchid lovers on your holiday list, then here is a cute little DIY that would make a wonderful gift!

Gather all the materials

For this little DIY project, you will need:

a small to medium size log (I found mine for free on my neighborhood’s website, but you can probably find them online).

  • Burlap net ribbon (I used 20″ width for the project)
  • Orchid media of choice based on the type of orchids you decide to use
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Jute twine
  • Plant stakes (orchids usually come with them

Set a working space

Cut a piece of the burlap net ribbon a little wider than your log and as long as your log.

Once you have the net ribbon cut to measure, grab the twine and weave it through the net to create small pockets to place the orchid media.

Make sure to tie a knot at the beginning, pull the twine to achieve the pocket effect, and tie a knot at the opposite end from your starting point.

Once that is done, place your orchids in the pockets you created. (I used mini orchids from Lowe’s, but you can find these in many different stores and garden centers.) Use the stakes to help the orchids stand straight.

Don’t forget the media

Fill the pocket with the media, and then moved to the next one until you are done with all the pockets you have made.

Once all your orchids are in place, use the twine to go around the log and secure the net and the orchids.

Go around as many times as you feel is necessary. Once the log and net are secured and the orchids are in the position you want them, cover the top with sphagnum moss to complete and finish your project!

You are done!

There you have it a quick and easy DIY project for the holidays.



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