Valentine’s Day is for not only your romantic interest but anyone who means something special. I like to include my kids in the celebration and get them something special on that day—it’s sort of a tradition in my home.

Sharing the Love

One of the most important bonding activities for a baby is tummy time, and it’s a great way to help develop many of your baby’s skills from an early age. The Tiny Princess Tales Collection from Tiny Love is a quirky and sweet play mat. It’s created with the Seven Developmental Wonders, a full set of guidelines to help your little ones reach several developmental milestones from 0–12 months and enhance your baby’s play while having fun and, of course, bonding with you.

This two-in-on play mat with adjustable arches gives your baby even more playing options and grows along with your baby. It’s specially designed to boost your baby’s seven developmental wonders, which include motor skills, visual and auditory cognition, and the senses.

The mat is not only cute as a button but also a very useful tool in your baby’s every day starting from the early stages of her life. Music and sounds are a key element for baby’s development, and the adorable mat includes an electronic bird toy with appealing lights and music that can play for a whole 30 minutes. It has around 20 different tunes for your baby’s delight, and the mat can be used as a take-along when you and baby are on the move.

My Favorite Feature

The unique open-arches mode offers baby a totally new perspective on things and allows for even more fun during tummy time.

On the Go

Because today’s parents are constantly moving, a colorful and adorable take-along with mobile for those times when you are running around with your baby is a must. The Tiny Princess take-along is specially designed for your little princess.

The toy is simply adorable and provides your little one with soothing tunes and slow movements that encourage EQ. It also has a handy connector so you can switch between modes, allowing you to hang the mobile on cribs, strollers, bassinets, or nightstands.

Featuring 30 minutes of continuous music with five different tunes to keep your baby engaged while on the go, the adorable mobile will be your little girl’s favorite companion.

The mat and mobile are part of the Tiny Princess Tales Collection, and they would make a wonderful first Valentine’s Day gift!

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