Having a fireplace in your home burning with wood has a cozy and warm feeling that most people love. Despite this, not everyone wants to deal with the issues associated with burning real wood such as smoke and the ash left behind. If you are one of such persons, then gas logs might be just what you are looking for.

These products provide warmth and ambiance that is similar to that which real wood provides. Although, they resemble firewood, they are manufactured from ceramic. As a result, it can tolerate high temperatures.

Interestingly, they are designed to resemble any type of wood such as rustic sassafras, handsome oak, beachy driftwood, etc. Click here to find out the best wood for your fireplace. This article will therefore discuss all that you need to know about gas logs.

Why are they good for your Home?

What benefits do you get if you use gas logs instead of real wood? Below are a few reasons:

1. Less Mess and Maintenance

Unlike real wood, these products do not leave dust, soot, and ash behind. Hence, the hearth will be clean and free of these things.

Furthermore, since it doesn’t leave any mess behind, you won’t have to concern yourself about getting someone that will clean your chimney.

Still, on maintenance, you won’t have to bother about chopping real wood to get the fireplace burning.

2. Safer

Since the flame is not open, this type of fireplaces is safer to use compared to real wood log fireplaces.

3. Warmer

As we stated earlier, these logs are capable of tolerating high temperatures. This allows them to create more heat when compared to regular fireplaces. At the same time, heat is being retained which makes it more efficient.

How they Work

These things make use of natural gas or liquid propane for fuel. When we compare the heat produced by both fuel types, we discovered that liquid propane is the hotter of the two. However, you will need a tank filled with liquid propane to make use of this type of fuel.

In contrast, natural gas requires a gas line. Hence, they are perfect for those house owners that already depend on using natural gas equipment. Visit https://wtamu.edu/~cbaird/sq/2013/05/02/why-is-propane-stored-in-household-tanks-but-natural-gas-is-not/ to learn why liquid propane is stored in tanks and natural gas isn’t.

Apart from the types of fuel used by these logs, there are also two types of logs available which are vented logs and ventless logs. The log types depend on different factors such as efficiency, appearance, and if you have a fireplace that is already in place.


This type is the most realistic fireplace you can get. They provide large and yellow flames with exact similarity to a regular burning wood fireplace. Therefore, they provide the best kind of ambiance.

Furthermore, you can install it into a fireplace that is already in place. Hence, it is easy for you to switch to a vented gas log from regular burning wood.

A similarity shared with regular wood fireplaces is that both produce carbon monoxide. Consequently, you need to use a flue damper or a chimney that is open for proper fumes exhaustion.

A major disadvantage is that it loses a lot of heat during this process. As a result of this, they aren’t as effective as ventless logs.

They also need additional fuel to function which means they aren’t good enough when it comes to saving energy.


The price of these logs is more expensive compared to vented logs. However, they are more effective when it comes to distributing heat across the room. The reason they can do this effectively is as a result of being able to function without vents.

They are better equipped to keep heat inside your house thereby reducing heat loss. Also, they don’t consume much fuel. Hence, you get to save energy.

When it comes to installation, you don’t need a running installation. Therefore, they are suitable for any firebox that you have at home; a gas line is all that is required.

The disadvantage of this log is that it isn’t as realistic as regular wood. So, if you are not concerned about ambiance and aesthetics, then you can use this. Another problem with this gas log is that it can cause moisture build-up as well as condensation if your home is insulated and sealed.

Furthermore, they cannot be placed in your bedroom. The only way they can be used in your bedroom is if they are 10,000 BTUs or below.

How are Gas Logs Installed?

The first thing to be set up is a gas fireplace system. You will need qualified personnel to do this. After that is done, the gas logs installation can be done yourself. You will, however, need to follow the instructions that come with the product.

Ensure that you are wearing gloves while you install them because coming in contact with them can lead to skin irritation.

If you are thinking of getting gas logs online, we recommend that you choose a reliable supplier.  


That is the basic knowledge you need to know about gas logs. If there are further questions on your mind, feel free to ask us.

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