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It is a new school year and we are very excited about this new and important milestone in my daughter’s life who is starting 6th grade in a new school and new neighborhood.

This is a year with a lot of changes for all of us and especially for her and as parents, my husband and I want to provide her with the necessary tools to start this new phase of her school life on the right foot.

Establish a designated area for homework and school projects

We decided to create a general office area on the second floor of our house right in front of the bedrooms. We can all use this room when working on some projects, but the reasoning behind it is to create a quiet place outside of her bedroom where she can work on her homework without being interrupted and we can keep better track of what she is doing.

Avoid outside distractions

There are lots of things kids can be sidetracked by nowadays and while you can remove some of those distractions, like their phones, when doing their school work. Some items like their computers are needed to work with, so it’s important to keep a vigilant eye to ensure she is working on what she is supposed to and not watching some YouTube video.


Peace and quiet are a must

Creating the right environment to allow your kids to concentrate is a top priority. Look for areas in the house where your kids can sit and work without TV, radio or any other sources of noise and distractions. For us, that space between the bedrooms was the best spot because it’s an area that is comfortable and isolated enough from the rest of the home activities to allow her to concentrate.


Create schedules

Schedules and rules are also a very important factor in your kid’s life and that will apply to many aspects of their life, not only school work.

Give them the right tools

Having the right tools and materials is a very important part of the process. While some supplies and tools they will use throughout the year are plain and simple to do the job they are intended to do, you can get them excited about their tools and supplies by allowing them to chose some cute and appealing designs.

This year, we did more of our school supplies shopping online which made life so much easier. Companies like Office Depot have simplified the process by offering all you need for the school year in one single place and without leaving the comfort of your home.

Supply pouches, pencil sharpeners, pencils, pens, notebooks, whiteboard erasers, and even more modern tools like computers and wireless speakers are easily found at their online store to ensure your kids can have a successful school year!

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